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GML Solid-State Pre-amps user reviews

  • GML 8304

    GML 8304 - "GML 8304 Mic preamps - Gain on a wire"


    I had a Pro Tools LE rig and a DIGI 001. All in the cost was under $1k USD. I could hear deficiencies. I was reviewing gear for Pro Audio Review. I suggested a review of the GML 8304 and got a green light. That was about 1996-1997. After rigorous tes…

Translated user reviews
  • GML 8304

    GML 8304 - " Very good"


    This is a montage discrete op amps, so all transistor. Inputs and outputs on XLR Neutrik separate power supply, a huge signal to noise ratio. UTILIZATION Not be more simple: four rotators with strictly identical channels gains, 5 by 5 dB. T…

  • GML 8302

    GML 8302 - " A MUST!"


    Preamp handmade without transformer. Bipolar discrete topology. Input / output XLR. 1 rack unit 4Kg (without PSU). Also available in 4-channel (8304). UTILIZATION We can no longer easy to use! 1 potentiometer notched by 5 dB adjusts the gain of…