Wampler Pedals SuperPlex Distortion
Wampler Pedals SuperPlex Distortion

SuperPlex Distortion, Solid-State Pre-amp from Wampler Pedals.

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Average Score:5.0(5/5 based on 1 review)
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drkorey's review"Very cool pedal - from Plexi to Modded 800"

Wampler Pedals SuperPlex Distortion
This is a great pedal that can take you from Plexi tones, 800 tones to modded 800 tones. This pedal has those "Marshall" type tones in a little stomp box. It produces a very nice and extremely usable distortion sound into a clean amp.

The pedal has volume, gain, treble, mid and bass controls (like an amp) along with a 3-way boost switch that you set down for Plexi, middle for 800, and up for a modded 800 tone.

It can be powered with a 9 volt battery or adapter.


Extremely easy to figure out. You can probably find a sweet spot within minutes of use with this pedal. I generally keep the gain and volume maxed. I have the treb, mid and bass knobs all set around 12:30-1:00 positions and I vary the boost button for the type of music I want to play. My pedal did not come with a manual but it just takes a few minutes to get things set - it is straightforward.


I found the sound quality to be excellent. I run this pedal straight into a VHT/Fryette 2-90-2 power amp into a Mojotone 3x12 (yes, 3x12) cab with Celestion CL-80's.
The "Plexi mode" gets all kinds of early to mid AC/DC tones - it is superb for that. I wish I had this during the time I was in my AC/DC tribute band. This setting just oozes old school rock.
The "800" gets close to a Marshall JCM 800 tone.
The "modded 800" tone gets you close to Zakk Wylde's tone on Ozzy's No Rest For the Wicked album. I boost the pedal with an SD-1 (like Zakk) and get even closer, although the pedal could have just a bit more grit and saturation in this setting to be a perfect 10.


This is a fantastic pedal! I foun one of the last NOS ones out there after searching extensively on the i-net. This has been discontinued but there are rumors that it will be re-released or updated?
I like the variety of tones it can achieve. I like the price the least - but it is a quality unit, but I'd never complain if it was less expensive :)
I would buy this again.
I am planning on experimenting using it as a boost pedal into some of my other amp heads and I imagine it will do some cool things that way as well!