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  • Sony Vegas Pro 10

    Sony Vegas Pro 10 - "A must have for editing.."


    Sony Vegas Pro 10 is a must have for anyone that’s into taking videos and video editing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hobbyist or a full time video producer/director. Sony Vegas Pro 10 has all of the effects and presets you need to create profession…

  • Sony Vegas 6

    Sony Vegas 6 - Silicium's review


    Trouble-free installation. Just follow the directions on the screen. Pentium 2GHz, 512MB, EMU 1820 sound card. Vegas is stable and works perfectly. No crash and no particular difficulty. I use Vegas for both the video for her. It is a product o…

  • Sony Vegas 6

    Sony Vegas 6 - lepapillonbleu's review


    No installation problems, no known incompatibility, manual clear and correct general config .... P4 3.2GHz - DDR 1024 - sata raid 0 Normal performance on the audio. Stable. BUT STILL ONE REGRET: See Sony, since the purchase of Sonic Foundry, …

  • Sony Vegas 5

    Sony Vegas 5 - lowweek's review


    Quick and easy installation, the registration process is a bit tedious (Internet required) but it is commonplace today. No inconsistency, however, very pleased to see such a compatibility with my hardware (RAM, Hyperthreading, Network, etc. ...). S…