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  • Akai sg01v

    Akai sg01vhas images


    This is a weird one. A 1/2 rackunit rompler from the mid-90s with limited controls, only 3 parameters; "Shape", "Tone", "Special", which translate roughly into "Attack/Release", "Cutoff", "R…

  • Roland Sound Canvas SC-88

    Roland Sound Canvas SC-88has images


    Pretty good overall condition Roland Sound Canvas SC-88. Everything works best i can tell except for the left attack button. Its pictured. Except for the button its basically in new …

  • Roland Boss DS-330 Dr. Synth

    Roland Boss DS-330 Dr. Synthhas images


    This is an excellent midi module from the early 90s and it works perfectly. I learned a lot with this synth and it seems to have a more organic sound than the soft synths I have. The auction i…