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  • Ketron SD1000

    Ketron SD1000 - "Buggy" contains audio examples


    This module has mostly very good sound fonts, the problem is that it has also a critical software bug which makes it sometimes impossible to render MIDI files properly. I tried to upgrade to the version from year 2015, which I do not think would help…

  • Roland EM-101 SoundPlus

    Roland EM-101 SoundPlus - "Simple old-school analog presets"


    Roland’s EM-101 Sound Plus is a MIDI expander that features 6, non-editable Juno voices: 8 poly presets, 8 mono presets and 8 (surprise !) hidden presets. Unrealistic analog, then. Controls include Volume, Attack, Dynamics (allowing to modulate the …

  • Yamaha FB-01

    Yamaha FB-01 - "I have this Yamaha FB01 Sound Generater."


    I have this Yamaha FB01 Sound Generator on top of my Technics PR-305 Digital Piano. It was made back in 1985. It has 240 instrumental sounds on it. I have the instruction book to it. It was given to me by a piano tuner, as I had the Technics EX-10 or…

  • Roland SC-880

    Roland SC-880 - "This is what I call "magic"..."


    The Roland SC-880 sound module is what I call "magic". By having one, you can make nearly any keyboard sound "professional". I remember plugging a PSR-275 on it in 2006 and making people impressed with that ;-) The sounds are very 90's dated, but si…

  • Korg SG-Rack

    Korg SG-Rack - "I have been using it for 10 years and it has never let me down"


    The Korg SG Rack has 64 voices mono, and 32 for stereo. The effects are pretty good as well for it to be an older rack, it has reverb, stereo delay, stereo flanger, auto pan, wah and a few others. I am pretty sure there are a total of 12 different…

  • Alesis NanoPiano

    Alesis NanoPiano - "Performes well"


    If you are looking for realistic piano sounds than the Alesis NanoPiano could be just what you have been looking for. The device itself is pretty small and its not rack able. Just looking at it made me wonder how they got all those good pianos and or…

  • Korg P3

    Korg P3 - "Still use it"


    The Korg P3 is an older module that will still kick out some pretty solid sounds for your music. If you are into some of the M1 sounds that Korg had than you are good to go with the P3, it has some of the same sounds but basically the same feel of th…

  • Roland U-110

    Roland U-110 - "Hard to find"


    The Roland U 110 is a vintage rack mountable sound module that is acoustic oriented with a good amount of preset settings that can give you a boost of creativity. Now if you arent into vintage sounding synths especially from around the 80’s then this…

  • Roland M-OC1 Orchestra

    Roland M-OC1 Orchestra - "real sounds"


    The roland M- OC1 Orchestra is a sound module that you will need in your compositions. The overall quality of the instruments that come out of this module is great. Rack this up and start using it right away. Setting it up in my DAW was a bit tedious…

  • Roland SC-8820

    Roland SC-8820 - "easy to install"


    The Roland SC 8800 is a smaller rack mount unit that was used a lot many years ago. This model is older and outdated, but some of the sounds still hold their weight. I have never been a fan of a lot of the products that Roland releases especially th…