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  • Sound Skulptor MP573

    Sound Skulptor MP573 - "I love it!!!"


    I use this preamp in my home studio/project studio. As I love great electronic circuitry, I wish I could afford a Neve 1073, but since I can’t I decided to try this API500-format rendition of it. The result is a very good surprise. While I can’t ac…

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  • Sound Skulptor MP73

    Sound Skulptor MP73 - " Version 500 of the MP73: MP573 in Kit"


    I bought a kit: not a big DIY experience, but frankly in a day is mounted, calibrated! Ultra kit well done! UTILIZATION can not be easier to use! SOUND QUALITY Okay well I did a little test in the studio yesterday with a U87 on a voice, and w…

  • Sound Skulptor MP12

    Sound Skulptor MP12 - " Dynamic and clear"


    Transistor preamp + processor (input / output) For my part, I took the options closest to the api 512c input and output XLR input di also available. integrated into a 1u rack 19 gain input and output Phantom power Attenuation (3 positions…

  • Sound Skulptor MP66

    Sound Skulptor MP66 - " A good preamp"


    Audio path 100 lamps (2 lamps 12a * 7) Input and output XLR (requires (a) housing and (a) food sold more, except to complete a rack already equipped, this was my case. Tube preamp (3 or 4 floors) and high pass shelve + / - 3dB at 12000 Hz Volume i…

  • Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator

    Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator - " Very good machine"


    It is an analog processor that attempts to recreate the noise footprint of the old tape recorders. All information on the site: XLR connectors neutrick Everything seems very well thought out and implemented. U…

  • Sound Skulptor MP12

    Sound Skulptor MP12 - " Very good preamp"


    I assembled it myself, it's transistors. I had taken at the same time and two MP73 MP32. The installation is very simple if you're careful. UTILIZATION The manual explains how to set everything up and also how to use the preamp with two gain stag…

  • Sound Skulptor MP73

    Sound Skulptor MP73 - bioman666's review


    Pramper any transistor kit. between XLR + High Impedance between instrument DI spare card (but required) is housed in a 1U rack. UTILIZATION - Configuration Gnrale Is it easy? The assembly is long but not difficult. - The edition of sound…