Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator
Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator

Stereo Tape Simulator, Other Studio Effect from Sound Skulptor.

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vasseurH 01/25/2011

Sound Skulptor Stereo Tape Simulator : vasseurH's user review

«  Very good machine »

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It is an analog processor that attempts to recreate the noise footprint of the old tape recorders.

All information on the site:

XLR connectors neutrick

Everything seems very well thought out and implemented.


I bought the STS kit. The installation was no problem. I have very good knowledge of electronics but I think it's still relatively accessible. We must know how to use a multimeter, welding skills, ... we can find a list of requirements on the site to see if Skulptor Sound is good to venture into or not.

The documentation is very clear. The packaging very carefully. Qques I asked questions by mail and are super responsive. In short, it's serious and I take my hat off.

Considering the meter (16LED) is very accurate. The switches and knobs are of high quality as all the components elsewhere.


I have not had the opportunity to bcp test. I still know the beast. I never recorded on tape. Anyway my first impressions are very good. If you are looking for this kind of treatment a little special, in my opinion is a very good choice.


Is my first machine of this kind.
I think this tool will be very useful to me. Time will tell.
The prices seem to me entirely appropriate.