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  • Ueberschall Classical Guitar
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    Ueberschall Classical Guitar

    05/13/16 in Ueberschall Classical Guitar

    Ueberschall presents Classical Guitar, a new sample library based on nylon string guitar loops.

  • Ueberschall goes to 11
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    Ueberschall goes to 11

    02/12/16 in Ueberschall Guitar Feedback

    Ueberschall introduces Guitar Feedback, a new loud guitar oriented Elastik soundbank.

  • Ueberschall launches Action Cuts

    Ueberschall launches Action Cuts

    04/26/13 in Ueberschall Action Cuts

    Ueberschall announces the availability of Action Cuts, a new rhythm and instrumental loop library designed for soundtracks composers.

  • Ueberschall Guitar Ballads

    Ueberschall Guitar Ballads

    10/31/12 in Ueberschall Guitar Ballads

    Ueberschall has released Guitar Ballads Library Music – Volume 1, a new Elastik Player-powered soundbank.

  • Ueberschall Low Tuned Strings

    Ueberschall Low Tuned Strings

    09/30/12 in Ueberschall Low Tuned Strings

    Ueberschall introduces its Low Tuned Strings collection.

  • Ueberschall Twang

    Ueberschall Twang

    06/14/12 in Ueberschall Twang

    Ueberschall has released Twang, a new Elastik Player-powered sound library.

  • Ueberschall Funky Tonewheels

    Ueberschall Funky Tonewheels

    12/05/11 in Ueberschall Funky Tonewheels

    Ueberschall has released Funky Tonewheels, which is described as "a dirty-played old tube Hammond Organ, slightly overdriven, and offers the perfect spice for any production where an authentic organ is needed".

  • Ueberschall Urbanic Guitars

    Ueberschall Urbanic Guitars

    02/19/10 in Ueberschall Urbanic Guitars

    Urbanic Guitars is a dynamic guitar sample collection.

  • Ueberschall 2 For 1 April Offer

    Ueberschall 2 For 1 April Offer

    04/13/09 in Ueberschall Electrolines

    If you purchase an Ueberschall title in April, you can get an additional Ueberschall product of equal or lesser value for free.

  • Ueberschall Releases Electrolines

    Ueberschall Releases Electrolines

    02/20/09 in Ueberschall Electrolines

    The library Electrolines delivers 78 themes and about 1000 analog synth sequences.