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dbx Spectral Processors user reviews

  • dbx 100 BoomBox

    dbx 100 BoomBox - moosers's review


    The Dbx 100 BoomBox is a sub harmonic synthesizer that gives your low frequencies a boost. It's an older piece of gear, made up of all analog parts. It's got RCA connections for both the inputs and outputs. It isn't in traditional rack mountable f…

  • dbx 2031

    dbx 2031 - moosers's review


    The Dbx 2031 is a stereo graphic equalizer, each channel containing 31 bands of equalization. In addition to a stereo equalizer, it also has a limiter and type III noise reduction, which is a patented Dbx type of noise reduction. Each channel has X…

  • dbx 231

    dbx 231 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by alexandre dominger/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Simple and effective functionality. UTILIZATION Very short learning curve. Set within 10 minutes. SOUND QUALITY Nothing to say. Awesome. Crystal clear. I'm using it with …

Translated user reviews
  • dbx 215s

    dbx 215s - " Very mixed reviews!"


    Everything is here: http://dbxpro.com/en-US/products/215s UTILIZATION Very easy to use. No need to record. SOUND QUALITY Be careful if you put the amp back, a breath can quickly amount to appear in slices equalizer. Whereas without my insta…

  • dbx 1231

    dbx 1231 - " good tape eq 2 x 31"


    graphic eq analog 2 channel 31 band third octave. UTILIZATION Very easy to use, it's just an eq ... SOUND QUALITY accurate but not transparent (even bypass) it colors the sound without too much damage. OVERALL OPINION bss, klarctechnics .…

  • dbx 231s

    dbx 231s - " Accurate, simple effective."


    What are the effects or types of effects available? Equalization. Are they edited? Via a Mac / PC editor? Editable manually. Is this a rack or rack MODEL? Rack. What technology is used? Analog. What is the connection? 2 balanced…

  • dbx 231

    dbx 231 - " Hum important"


    Graphic Equalizer UTILIZATION very simple to use SOUND QUALITY I'm a little disappointed with the sound quality OVERALL OPINION Hello, I have a DBX 231 since 2009 and after a little adjustment pushed this week, I just realize a signifi…

  • dbx 1231

    dbx 1231 - pulvonium's review


    2x31 bands graphic equalizer 3 rack units. Full connectivity (Jacks and XLR) UTILIZATION It is a graphic EQ, operation is intuitive. SOUND QUALITY DBX is a brand that fits my budget and my needs: It is aimed at the amateur écalairé, but mus…

  • dbx 215

    dbx 215 - pulvonium's review


    Dual 15-band EQ on one rack unit UTILIZATION Used to equalize returns, it gets the job done for a low price. After that, there is much better (and more expensive enettement) SOUND QUALITY Good sound considering the price. OVERALL OPINION …

  • dbx 231

    dbx 231 - " "EXCELLENT""


    no cross! UTILIZATION use an amp with DYNACORD SL 900 mixer BEHRINGER DX 2000 MT 15 and pregnant FAME, half volume on équalo, 12 db function V settings sliders, not below 0 dB, amp volume up and moitiée table. .. SOUND QUALITY excellent, noth…