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dbx Studio Effects user reviews

  • dbx 166A

    dbx 166A - "All-purpose compressor"


    Two channels: Gate, VCA compressor, over easy/hard knee, peak limiter. UTILIZATION Very easy to use because it has only the most basic controls, which allows you to find the right setting pretty fast. SOUND QUALITY Fabulous, like the legendary 16…

  • dbx 166XS

    dbx 166XS - "Suprised me"


    The DBX 166XS is a 2 channel compressor/limiter and gate. It is a rackable unit taking up only 1 rack space and comes in a fresh white color that pops out. Out of all of the DBX products that I have used in the past, I was very surprised on the actua…

  • dbx 266XS

    dbx 266XS - "An excellent price"


    The DBX 266XS is a must have compressor and limiter that you need to add to not only your studio set up but your live set up as well. I have used other compressors from DBX and this one is by far the best one they have come out with up to this day. T…

  • dbx 160X

    dbx 160X - "Colored sounding Good for live not studio." has images


    If you hit this compressor with a very hard signal you will hear the compression and the sound of the unit. The sound of the unit is not what I want in a compressor for all things. I used this for very specific instruments such as snare drum or at ti…

  • dbx 160X

    dbx 160X - "compression and limiter is great"


    This analog limiter is a rack able unit that can also be used as a compressor as well. This unit is a high quality piece of gear and should not be over looked especially if you need a great limiter. This limiter can not be compared to a software limi…

  • dbx DDP

    dbx DDP - "affordable"


    If you need an affordable compressor with 4 channels, Then you've come to the right place. DPX DDP can take 1/4" or XLR inputs and outputs and can switch from -10 to +4. UTILIZATION The DDP has the standard settings found on a compressor: set the i…

  • dbx Quantum

    dbx Quantum - "great for all types of applications "


    The DBX Quantum is a dual channel compressor made with all class A circuits that has XLR connections for both channels and is a rack mountable unit that will take up two rack spaces. UTILIZATION The configuration of the DBX Quantum is very easy t…

  • dbx 120A

    dbx 120A - "good price"


    This rackable distortion box is a great simulator of analog distortion. It's basically a distortion box that can be used on anything from guitars, basses, drums and drum loops, pianos, vocals and almost anything else. I've heard that it is possibl…

  • dbx 100 BoomBox

    dbx 100 BoomBox - moosers's review


    The Dbx 100 BoomBox is a sub harmonic synthesizer that gives your low frequencies a boost. It's an older piece of gear, made up of all analog parts. It's got RCA connections for both the inputs and outputs. It isn't in traditional rack mountable f…

  • dbx 164

    dbx 164 - moosers's review


    The DBX 164 is a compressor/limiter designed for use in the recording studio. It's a really simple piece of gear, with only one parameter to work with. It's an older piece of gear, so it's got RCA connections and isn't balanced. You can however, s…