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JoMoX Spectral Processors news

  • [NAMM] JoMoX T-Rackonizer Eurorack filter

    [NAMM] JoMoX T-Rackonizer Eurorack filter

    01/21/15 in JoMoX T-Rackonizer

    JoMoX will introduce at NAMM the successor of its T-Resonator filter module, the T-Rackonizer in Eurorack format.

  • Video JoMoX Moonwind  @Musikmesse

    Video JoMoX Moonwind @Musikmesse

    03/26/12 in JoMoX Moonwind

    Video JoMoX Moonwind @Musikmesse

  • [NAMM] JoMoX Moonwind

    [NAMM] JoMoX Moonwind

    01/21/12 in JoMoX Moonwind

    JoMoX introduces the MoonWind stereo analog filter tracker at Winter NAMM 2012.