SPL articles

  • DI Boxes Comparative Review

    DI Boxes Comparative Review - Seven DIs on the Spot


    In the studio and on stage, DI boxes are indispensable to match impedances, make re-amping or avoid noises. However, it's not easy to choose a DI box from the multiple options available. So, when French distributor Juke Box Limited decided to make a comparative review of the different DI boxes in its catalog, AudioFanzine had no choice but to forw…

  • SPL DrumXchanger Review

    SPL DrumXchanger Review - Machine Drums


    Drum replacement tools were very rare a decade ago but have become much more common in modern music productions. When the inventor of the famous Transient Designer launched its own sound replacement plug-in, it was obvious for us at AudioFanzine to want to test this tool!