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    Thon STUDIORACK 16 HE - loudyman's review


    16 rack units, 38cm deep, 4 rubber feet The front rails only comes with nuts that can slide in the rails and screws stable when completed medium finish (little luster to the indoor) …

  • QuiK Lok BS-300

    QuiK Lok BS-300 - Audiokits's review


    Since 2 weeks this is my first media monitor j'apprcie the solidity of the assembly and installation easy and comfortable .... stability is good over a reasonable height .... because if you rglez the maximum height permitted, the interlocking o…

  • Millenium SR-2018

    Millenium SR-2018 - kinder_guano's review


    Furniture rack enough low-end steel tle 18U high, 42cm deep approximately. Made in China. It looks to be sold by Thomann ( ) only. 18U to 115, was going pretty good. Games glissires for racking the front and rear, conven…

  • Stagg MRS-A12U

    Stagg MRS-A12U - Jeremy R's review


    I have for several months, there are a lot of stuff above and arsiste. It's great practice home studio. It can be tilted, it can be horizontal (good for table mix) or nearly vertical. At home it's more enjoyable lgrement inclined to manipulate the ma…

  • Stagg MRS-A12U

    Stagg MRS-A12U - Elfe2MArs's review


    1 week of use at the moment and tilt wheel, thoughtful cheap (40 €) It looks very tough I do it again this choice …

  • Audiophony FB-ROLL

    Audiophony FB-ROLL - Mac Intosh's review


    I bought this board with wheels at the same time that my 10U rack, in December 2005. Very handy when using large flights fully loaded with amp and a weight hanging evil ... No need to kill to bring back, there is more than roll. The wheels ar…

  • Samson Technologies MS200

    Samson Technologies MS200 - Jeffouille's review


    € 67 at my favorite retailer. It changes your life! Behringer TRUTH B2030A with my mounted above the bass is much more neutral (less resonance, especially thanks to the "points" to these three corners of each foot), the most acute present, they fit p…

  • Samson Technologies LS2

    Samson Technologies LS2 - dj ains's review


    Recent purchase ... C C inexpensive but quite useful ... + Ergonomike + Cheap + Reasonable height - Fragile …

  • König & Meyer 26740

    König & Meyer 26740 - jeanbart's review


    I use it for a week, it's really more convenient than conforama Tager, little suited my tannoy ....( DJ for many months. It is not forcment purchase that is made primarily for our home studio and pout .... I am paratdj almost indispensable. This…

  • Thomann Beckencase 22" (caisse pour cymbale)

    Thomann Beckencase 22" (caisse pour cymbale) - GlutocK's review


    Cymbal Protection Fund until 22 " I put in it: a ride 20 "crash two (18" and 19 ") and hi-hat 14". - How long have you use it? I for a month. I needed something other than a cover for my Zildjian being protected and not too expensive since …