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  • SKB VS-1

    SKB VS-1 - "Finally someone thought ahead!!!"


    SKB finally did something that very few people in the music industry do; they thought ahead. It's common practice among gigging guitar players with medium-to-complex rigs to not only have rack effects but to also use pedals, shelves, drawers, and swi…

  • Ikea DAVE Laptop Table

    Ikea DAVE Laptop Table - "Usable for laptops/percussion on stage"


    The Ikea Dave Laptop Table is a small, inexpensive table that you can use for a laptop or other small devices. I purchased thus unit with the intention of holding my laptop on stage, as part of my digital piano, synthesizer rig. It is one of the chea…

  • Seventh Circle Audio CH01

    Seventh Circle Audio CH01 - moosers's review


    The Seventh Circle Audio CH01 is the chassis that you will need in order to case your Seventh Circle Audio build your own mic preamps. The CH01 will house up to 8 modules from Seventh Circle Audio. This will only be compatible with Seventh Circle A…

  • Odyssey L Stand

    Odyssey L Stand - "Better quality than expected"


    What I like most about this stand is that it was built out of much better material than I had anticipated. I got it for relatively cheap (thank you ebay) and was expecting a sturdy yet cheaper made product. When the box arrived, it weighed a lot mo…

  • Raxxess ERSS-36

    Raxxess ERSS-36 - moosers's review


    The Raxxess ERSS-36's are a set of 36" monitor stands for use in recording studios. The professional studio that I work at has a number of rooms on site and we have these stands in one of our smaller mixing rooms. Right now we've got a pair of Dyna…

  • DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand

    DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand - moosers's review


    The DR Pro Tripod Mic Boom Stand is a simple, but extremely sturdy and effective microphone stand for all applications. The setting that I’ve used these stands in has been in the recording studio, as the studio that I work at has a few of these on h…

  • Raxxess ESD-4

    Raxxess ESD-4 - moosers's reviewhas images


    The Raxxess ESD-4 is a rack mountable drawer designed for use in the recording studio or any place where you have a traditional rack casing for gear or otherwise. We have one of these in a rack at the studio where I work, storing all sorts of little…

  • Road Ready RR8UAD

    Road Ready RR8UAD - moosers's review


    The Road Ready RR8U-AD (Deluxe Amplifier Rack System) is an eight space rack that is to be used on the road or even in the studio. This is definitely the sturdiest eight space rack that I've ever seen before. They had a bunch of gear racked in this…

  • Proline MS220 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

    Proline MS220 Tripod Boom Microphone Stand - moosers's review


    The Proline MS220 is a pretty standard Tripod Boom Microphone Stand. It isn't the cheapest mic stand out there, and is actually built pretty well. While not on the level of the sturdiest stands out there, it will still get the job done better than …

  • On-Stage RB7030

    On-Stage RB7030 - moosers's review


    The On-Stage Stands RB7030 Rack Space is a simple 12 space, rack space.  It is just about as simple of a rack space/stand as you can get, and is also one of the cheapest.  I've currently got one of these in my home studio, and it definitely gets the …