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  • Thon Rack 10U Eco 40

    Thon Rack 10U Eco 40 - " very useful"


    very good value for money, it is better to tinker a tray with wheels because when it is full of this amp is very heavy. I recommend this product …

  • RTX 5GN

    RTX 5GN - " very little space"


    Stand 5 guitars RTX 5GN Suitable for all types of guitars. Height 82cm, width 96cm. Foldable compact 82x13x96cm. Weight: 4kgs. Color: black satin. I use it in my little studio to have immediately at hand my guitars, there is always a mess, but at l…

  • Millenium KS-3000S

    Millenium KS-3000S - " I recommend!"


    Having several feet synth (X with extension, and currently still using K & M Spider Pro), I needed a dual stand by with me more than the studio again. By reading reviews, I thought it might be taking the place of my Spider weighs his weight while tra…

  • Roland RAD-50

    Roland RAD-50 - " Properly"


    I bought the RAD-50 at the time racker for my SC-55 MkII and my 05R / W. It is designed for two half racks racker brand (type SC-55 and SB-55). By drilling extra holes in the plate, one can easily racker other half racks of different brands. …

  • Thon Rack 10HE Live 50 Rollen
  • Thomann Rack 4U ECO II 35

    Thomann Rack 4U ECO II 35 - " Excellent quality / price ratio!"


    Firstly, here is his pedigree: (Thomann source) Double wall plastic 7mm 2 lids 4 locking hooks 1 handful Ball corners Angle aluminum profile 25 x 25 mm thomann Rails slide type Fixing screws Depth: 35 cm Made in Germany 3-year …

  • Samson Technologies SRK21

    Samson Technologies SRK21 - Comp's review


    Rack simple, stable, easy to install as any more and it is not ugly. No problem to fix my u units or 21 holes are in the right place! Must be from the top or the bottom and there will be no problem to fix the racks of various sizes, for my part 1…

  • SKB Standard 2U

    SKB Standard 2U - " SKB 2U"


    How long have you been using? beginning in August 2012 Did you try many other models before buying it? No it is not a rack is going to start trying racks either lol. What is so special that you like most and least? Pros: Strong, lightwe…

  • Millenium BS-500 SET

    Millenium BS-500 SET - " Entry-level"


    Recent purchase. My favorite is like many other price! Is that "I love" It's like the least well ho hum, the feet are pre set and they do not sound the same author has on both! Well there is not 20 cm but not even that is not serious! In my …

  • Audiophony Pot DJ

    Audiophony Pot DJ - " excellent choice"


    Used for 6 years, combined regulated / gantry is the centerpiece of my little podium. I stared at the feet of multi-blocks taken, and the gantry part I fixed my electric wiring + dmx and the engine of the disco ball. In short the assembly is mounte…