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  • Millenium KS-3000S

    Millenium KS-3000S - " For home or scene is great."


    Hello there, I use this stand for about 1 year. It is very convenient. Before I had support and I find the X KS3000 more convenient. Level stability it goes very well, I have a Studiologic Acuna 88 and a Yamaha MX49 that I replaced with a Mo…

  • Stagg COS 10

    Stagg COS 10 - " Perfect"


    I find a small stand to put my computer to connect to a small sound to make a drink out there and really nice and very convenient and as said by another user there is no competition with this product. …

  • the t.racks Racksteckdose

    the t.racks Racksteckdose - " no worries"


    - Use 3 months ago - Robust and well thought Practice (plugs in the back are inclined to allow a connection mm at the bottom of the rack, clever!) - 2 tickets for the cool facade grateux and Basseux group! - Yes, I think repurchase …

  • Samson Technologies SRK21

    Samson Technologies SRK21 - " Very good value for money"


    Used for a month, I was able to neatly store the most rapidly racks. no worries screws or screw unlike others who spoke on forums. It is tough for the price. It is black (very dark gray) dull, it does not pick up too much dust. I'll buy one witho…

  • Adam Hall SPS 36 M38

    Adam Hall SPS 36 M38 - " All right."


    Ideal to ask Focal CMS 40 speakers on speaker stands Superlux SPS 400. …

  • Millenium mx-5000 easy tilt

    Millenium mx-5000 easy tilt - " Happiness!"


    I tried this "tilteur" Mixer when I bought my Sy48 Innovason: to put it on a table when you're alone is truly hassle and jogging after the organizers for a hand ... In short, once the tilteur and table position, zou 5 seconds the table is horizonta…

  • Millenium BS-500 SET

    Millenium BS-500 SET - " Strong, stable and inexpensive!"


    Newly acquired used to be asking my monitor speakers (Samson Resolv A6), sturdy construction, convenient to adjust, secure them with safety pin, stable (even if it is obvious that we should not rush too much) after a test by giving them a little help…

  • Millenium BS-500 SET

    Millenium BS-500 SET - " Does the job"


    Bought for about two months, I put a pair of Focal above, it's solid. Comes with tips or points depending on soil type on which they are placed :-) Surface comfortable pose, with non-slip rubber strips, short I let my pregnant with confidence. …

  • Thon RACK 4 HE LIVE

    Thon RACK 4 HE LIVE - " Very good material"


    I used a year, something never tested before. In short, it's good stuff, robust and practical (easy access front and rear), very well done. We are confident to small amp / effects that will accommodate. Only downsides: no possibility of close t…

  • IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Home and Studio Speaker Stands

    IsoAcoustics ISO-L8R155 Home and Studio Speaker Stands - " Ha is the center ....."


    I board quite hesitant before ordering these media monitors, because I was a little afraid that it is more or less useless. Not at all, it works and it works very well even more! Installation is easy plusse that, are mounted in the supports 2 minu…