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  • Adam Hall 87556

    Adam Hall 87556 - soundalpha's review


    - For how long have you been using it? Few weeks - What thing do you like most/least about it? Handy tray to attach sampler, effects 1 / 2 rack, or else in a fly. There 's a notch to hold it out in use, and a notch to prevent it from moving du…

  • Millenium AS-2001

    Millenium AS-2001 - Kal's review


    I bought this stand because in my tiny rehearsal we had to optimize space while promoting the sound quality, which is sometimes antagonistic. In short my guitar combo was placed on the floor, and as I play very close to it I had trouble hearing me…

  • König & Meyer 26740

    König & Meyer 26740 - CMC6's review


    Purchased 9 months ago, they support my Dynaudio BM12a all this time without any worries. the base is heavy, the assembly is serious, height adjustable. The top is a bit small, my bm12a are a little big blow but it's not very serious. I put the spike…

  • QuiK Lok KS100

    QuiK Lok KS100 - tebmusic's review


    It's been 2 years now the stand very stable and robust and stable compared with SB-300 The report price is excellent quality, unfortunately they no longer produced and c is rare to find height adjustable stand that the quality I rfrer exprience…

  • Millenium rack 1u

    Millenium rack 1u - BassWalk's review


    The advice I give is actually a cover for 1U rack cabinet. Indeed, this product does not appear in the list Audiofanzine. That said, the quality is not the RDV either. Both stand that I bought this brand (check out the MX-1000 MODEL, I have an op…

  • Millenium MX-1000

    Millenium MX-1000 - BassWalk's review


    The advice I give is not done everything MODEL MX-1000. The MODEL I purchased from thotho (!) Does not appear in the list Audiofanzine. Regardless, I bought a place on a table stand team of two small "clamp" in order to ask a former arranger modu…

  • Thon winkelrack 10HE

    Thon winkelrack 10HE - Will Zégal's review


    - How long have you use it? just over two years - What is the particular feature you like best and least? The best: the price. The least: the qualitbr /> - Have you tried many other models before acqurir? Yes - How do you report quali…

  • the t.racks Racksteckdose

    the t.racks Racksteckdose - Selecta Biss@'s review


    - How long have you use it? 6 Months - What is so special that you like most and least? It's no frills, practical and rack ... - How would you rate the quality / price? This is where the rub: When you buy this thing I thought was inside a…

  • Samson Technologies SRK21

    Samson Technologies SRK21 - cotto's review


    Rack top prize a little gallery has mounted a cause adjustment of the rods punched if anything is wrong but once fit no problem -2 Types of fasteners provided (more than enough) a very solid rack when mounted does not move + brakes on two wheels …

  • Samson Technologies MS200

    Samson Technologies MS200 - reddwarf's review


    WARNING! I bought their stands because I thought the best quality price c'tait But the reinforcement of the feet were twisted under the weight of my yam HS80, suddenly they were all flawed ... trs not reassuring .. Once patched and reinforced they …