Road Ready RR8UAD
Road Ready RR8UAD

RR8UAD, Stand & Rack from Road Ready.

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moosers 05/03/2010

Road Ready RR8UAD : moosers's user review


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The Road Ready RR8U-AD (Deluxe Amplifier Rack System) is an eight space rack that is to be used on the road or even in the studio. This is definitely the sturdiest eight space rack that I've ever seen before. They had a bunch of gear racked in this at the studio that I was last working in - mostly stuff for live shows though. The owner of the studio was also a gigging musician, so I guess this rack would float in and out of the studio depending on if he was playing out or not. I can't imagine that anything could ever get broken in this! While probably not necessary in the studio where things aren't being shifted around as much, the RR8U-AD is perfect for bringing to live shows or for touring. I haven't gigged with it since I don't own it, but judging by the sheer size and stability that this has to offer, I'd say you'd be in very good hands with this thing. Beyond just being built extremely well in terms of the outside casing, the inside of it is padded around where you put your gear for extra protection. The price of the RR8U-AD will prevent those who don't really need something as heavy duty from buying it, but for those who are gigging and/or touring a lot and have some rack gear in their rig, to date I haven't seen anything as sturdy as this rack casing. This is really over the top for use in the studio, but I guess I couldn't argue with someone wanting to be extra safe. Having said this, the Road Ready RR8U-AD should really be considered as something for gigging with, as there are plenty of sturdy racks out there for studio use that don't cost nearly as much. Road Ready is one of the leaders when it comes to top tier rack casing for the road, so if you're a professional in need of a eight space rack, look no further than this...