On-Stage RB7030
On-Stage RB7030

RB7030, Stand & Rack from On-Stage.

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moosers 01/30/2010

On-Stage RB7030 : moosers's user review


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The On-Stage Stands RB7030 Rack Space is a simple 12 space, rack space.  It is just about as simple of a rack space/stand as you can get, and is also one of the cheapest.  I've currently got one of these in my home studio, and it definitely gets the job done for me.  While it isn't the sturdiest rack space out there in the least, it holds everything up fine and with easy access to the connections in the back.  Having quick access to the back is a big plus for me, as I often find myself needing to make switches and this isn't always easy if you have a closed back on your rack space.  I should also say that I don't have this space filled to capacity, as it only hold in my main pieces of gear.  It sits on top of my desk for easy access to it, so I didn't want to put too much weight on it.  Even though the RB7030 is built pretty sturdily in general, I definitely would not be surprised if it were to break at some point as it isn't made up as strongly as other rack spaces are out there, and is really just the bare bones.  When I bought this I was really looking for as cheap of a rack space as I could find, regardless of the protection that it has around it since I was only looking for something to stay in one place and to not be moved around to much.  I have a larger Gator case which I use if I want to transport any sort of rack equipment, as this one definitely isn't suitable for moving around with anything in it.  The price is definitely the best selling point with the RB7030 as it makes for a simple yet effective rack space at an extremely low cost.  I'd definitely recommend taking a look at this 12 space rack space if you need some simple racking for you studio.