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  • Thon 6HE Live TRIPLE DOOR + rails

    Thon 6HE Live TRIPLE DOOR + rails - julito2000_fr's review


    - How long have you use it? Received two weeks ago, after three days to install the equipment in and draw correct ducts for wiring. - What is so special that you like most and least? Format reasonable to carry on again. Very solid, closures "b…

  • König & Meyer 18860 Spider Pro

    König & Meyer 18860 Spider Pro - Arkonis's review


    Foot of a high stability much better than the ultimates. We have room for the pedals, montdmont in 1 minute. Withstands the weight of two keyboards 76 notes. Only small BMOL: the arm MRIT have a better finish, some spices have gadget, and only time w…

  • Thon Rack 12HE Live TRIPLE DOOR

    Thon Rack 12HE Live TRIPLE DOOR - julito2000_fr's review


    - How long have you use it? It'll be a week since I received it because I wanted to go in a config "all in one". - What is so special that you like most and least? Magnifik lol! A great rack with 4 strong wrists, 6 butterflies for closures, an …

  • Audiophony Pot DJ

    Audiophony Pot DJ - dj van's's review


    I use regular mobile disco for 1year I like the small footprint when stored in the POT-BAG, rapid installation, its relatively low price, height adjustable, the work plan once installed is high enough it does not break when the there dos.Il What a…

  • Samson Technologies SRK21

    Samson Technologies SRK21 - Yoggi's review


    Installation fairly easy, but be careful instructions in English only (I say a, a wonder any pb but I know some people insist a notice Franaise, So Be It ...) Why 0 / 10? Up Submitted, racks are standard: good for the rack and samson is not respec…

  • Thon Rack 2U HE Live

    Thon Rack 2U HE Live - julito2000_fr's review


    - How long have you use it? 2 months! There being protected wonder my G2 and my eclipse;) - What is the particular feature you like best and least? Exemplary finish, the butterfly Systm closing and opening the two doors. - Have you tried ma…

  • Stagg MRS-A13/7U

    Stagg MRS-A13/7U - polo2bzh's review


    Robust, practical, ideal if it suits your needs. …

  • König & Meyer 18860 Spider Pro

    König & Meyer 18860 Spider Pro - alcools's review


    I have the black version. The Difference a SPIDER non pro is that the PRO has an attachment at the top to screw something (boom-type or whatever you want). Before I had a BABY Spider Pro silent but very much moved with my NORD STAGE 88 (20 Kg). With …

  • Proel KR24

    Proel KR24 - Irowhat's review


    I use it for 2 years. There are rails front and rear. In addition we have on the central angles that allow removable support the weight of some racks that are heavy. In addition to 24U was enough to make available at racks! I tried a lot of fligh…

  • Samson Technologies MS200

    Samson Technologies MS200 - jugatsu's review


    I just made the acquisition of these stands for monitors and I am pleased the report price is excellent quality, very easy ride, just a few minutes, the set exudes quality speakers are very stable and does not transmit vibrations. I wanted to add …