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Aria STC-Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Aria Nexter

    Aria Nexter - "Cool Little Guitar"


    The Nexter features: - Alder body - Maple neck - Rosewood fretboard - HSS configuration - Vintage-Style tremolo - Mini toggle for HB coil split UTILIZATION I'm a big fan of the older Japanese Arias. They are extremely cheap on the used market and…

  • Aria MAC-50

    Aria MAC-50 - "Aria Mac-50"


    i was looking for a second electric guitar for around £250 and decided to go for the aria based on looks and reviews, and i was right in deciding to buy this. i love the pure rock sound you gain out of the bridge double humbucker, i am in a grunge r…

Translated user reviews
  • Aria MAC-50

    Aria MAC-50 - " in 10 years it has not moved."


    made in china I think, but good. 24 frets, fast neck type the ibanez. a 5-way switch, a tone and volume. vibrato holding not terribly agreement (type fender set incorrectly) Configuration HSS splittable. All with a flawless finish. UTILIZATION Th…

  • Aria STG-004

    Aria STG-004 - Blaky's review


    2 single pickups, 1 humbucker, with the possibility to choose single or double coil on it 5-way switch to activate the pickups 2 tone knobs and one volume knob 22 frets UTILIZATION The neck is very comfortable to play, it's pretty thin and…

  • Aria STG-004

    Aria STG-004 - solo84's review


    I won't extend myself, it's a Korean Strat copy UTILIZATION Neck everything alright SOUNDS The clean sound is correct, it's recognizable right away, especially on the bridge pickup. In arpeggios: OK. In rhythm clear sound: OK. In lead: meh (pic…

  • Aria MAC-50 V/7

    Aria MAC-50 V/7 - ptch_ak's review


    > What country? No idea, but very little chance that either U.S. or France. > 24 frets, 2 humbuckers Aria probably manufacturing. Splittable. > Pink Floyd > One volume knob, one tone knob, a 3 position switch (neck pickup / pickup / both set…

  • Aria STG-003

    Aria STG-003 - la souris's review


    2 micros double + 1 single microphone (not like the photo), 22 frets, 2 Tone + 1 volume and a switch to bring it into force. Finally it has a rglage 5 positions but rather means Ralite 3 positions ... but the sound remains. UTILIZATION The neck i…

  • Aria MAC-50 V/7

    Aria MAC-50 V/7 - Hawklord's review


    7 strings, 24 frets, 2 humbuckers house, Pink Floyd. Table bomb and low prices. A 3-position selector, Volume, Tone + 2 switches Channel not too wide for a 7-string and relatively flat UTILIZATION Channel enjoyable, string action low trs RULES …

  • Aria STG-004

    Aria STG-004 - El_ré's review


    First of all I want is the MODEL prciser that I handed possde but hey, DSOL has no ... So it is an imitation of Fat Start: two microphones and a single humbucker splitable singles 1 volume, 2 tone, Saddle handle 22 boxes with rosewood fingerboard…

  • Aria MAC-50 V/7

    Aria MAC-50 V/7 - Fabio's review


    7 STRING 24 frets Floyd Rose licensed bridge microphones: MSM UTILIZATION Handle large enough (forcment, are 7 strings!) rather rounded profile, but you get done quickly finishing fret not copy The sound is generally good, but it lac…