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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Rogerle13°Beatles's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" too good to me!"

G&L Comanche
Made in America, vibrato G & L, C maple neck, 22 frets, 3 Z coils, 5-way switch, gna gna gna ....


Maple neck, very nice, a bit large to small mimine is not as swift SG archi ... Access to acute is impeccable. The right sound, well there's fiddling with knobs by turning the treble ex.en, there may be a kind of muffled sound very "Jawaka" almost whawha need, we can move from country telecaster style to Les Paul fat, with lots of intermediate ... Not finished exploring the trick, and the knobs are hyper-vibrato is réactifs.Le Bonnard, rises or falls, the agreement is impeccable ...


Basically, it can play any style (even mine!), Except the hard-heavy-goth-trash-shred (quoique!) The range of sounds is vast .. On a night train is perfect vox .
May sound too general nickel, compared to a Start, but it's not a Start, na!. The pickups are incredibly powerful, no buzz, finishing in a "standard" version is tip-top.


it's been a few months I have ben ben j'sus happy, it's a scratch too little known, it has a face of hell, a range of sounds not possible, it is not so expensive, it is bloody, tough .. If it could be imported into France, it would be nice too. (what you doing, guys?) Anyway, it's Leo, it's worth at least try .. If you Degotte in one occasion, go for it!
13 ° Rogerle Beatles

Terch's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

G&L Comanche
USA ...
Full of cargo ...
Type of bridge: Owner 'type dfonce good.
Rglages Volume, low filter, filter acute slecteur + + 5 positions of slecteur dphasage between the microphones ...
Handle that makes donf '
Look all weird, especially micro "Z" black on white plate ...
I possde the red MODEL DGRAD surnbunst is not pretty pretty. MODEL The blue of the picture is much better.


The neck is super enjoyable, typical strat
Access in acute typs Start is not a scratch for the big solo in mtaleux hyper acute, though ....
Excellent ergonomics, weight as a stratum, the perfect balance games standing and sitting.
The sound is standard, yaka branch ....


Guitar mga versatile, it can eat all styles faile ..
Amps and effects utiliss: Laney LC 50 lamps, VTWIN Mesa-Boogie, POD + V2.
This guitar is so versatile it can sound like a Start of 69 '(according to an Owner' of that skyscraper), or as a Next-Generation Ibanez (dphasage a shot, and presto). In short, anything is possible (not the type gibson).


This is definitely a guitar (very) high-flying, I use it for all applications (as an amateur and professional). I have since 1997, the big plus is its microphones "Z" that can turn all full of parasites. Rsultat: possibility of work in front of a screen without the "Bzzzzzzz" untimely.
Much less: the look is frankly bf surnbunst in red, blue version is more acceptable ...
I wanted to dpart a stratum or a tl USA, I even made shopping Los Angeles, as I tell you all ssay ... Finally I bought this brand new skyscraper Lyon!
With exprience, I would do without a doubt the same choice: Big sound, clean, it can snap like a vintage Start or a good mtaleuse (potato exceptional microphones)

Note: G & L is a cre Lo by Fender. Not wanting to touch the myth of Stratocoaster, so he cre G & L to evolve the stratum with new finds: Microphones "Z", vibrato exceptional dphasage microphones, etc..

Harvester_of_metal's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

G&L Comanche
Made in the land of Uncle Sam Obviously = P)
22 jumbo frets
Single coil pickups: MFD Z-coil
Type of bridge: Fulcrum (for those that do not support the floyd rose is perfect)!)
Bon ben level knobs aadj t say but good: acute filters, low slecteur 5 positions, volume ... and a switch to premium dphasage (the posibility of her are multiplied)
The handle is quite round, like a classic Start

PS : Wood utiliss "standard" are alder and mahogany, which gives an excellent dj (essay in store), but MUST, and this requires a little more break the piggy bank is the option for the Saddle Mouchet and Rabl flam key for the table! has given one of these p ***** sound! I dj essay has in store as well and is ... Magnificent!)


The handle could not be more enjoyable, really. The grip is the rev quickly. To Access in acute, nothing new, it's not a shredder guitar par excellence.
I find that the masses of this guitar are well trs rpart are weight is not excessive (not anything like a les paul = P).

For audio, the posibilities are standards (thank you dphasage the switch), the sound is unheard of heat too. Basically you can go for a walk a good jazz riff mtal (not too dgueu either, not what death, the risk of sounding a ho hum), to a good blues-rock saturated ... She does everything well and more! 10/10, anything.


I am not the happy acqureur of this jewel, but the seller begins to suspect sth (I'm a little too often I think = P)

Everything is a matter of time that said ...


MODELS I have tried many major brands (Gibson, Fender, etc) but it's really me that the boot! For the price it's not ben given but the ratio quality price is excellent.
With the optional Saddle Mouchet and flame + varnish on the table and the button, it was worth 2600 euros ... Expensive, but if you want a quality that is the price;)