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G&L S-500
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gromeul 01/20/2014

G&L S-500 : gromeul's user review

«  Very good alternative to Fender! »

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Stratocaster Guitar kind made in USA, alder body (sunburst), maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, mounted in 10/46 as all guitars G & L apparently ..
Supplied in molded and nicely padded case.
The combination of microphones (3 singles) is classic and original thanks to the small switch times:
-The latter being positioned down ("off"), the 5-way switch gives the standard configuration of a Strat '
Set-up ("on"), accessed 2 sounds supplémentaires.Quand the selector positions 1 and 5, the configuration was "middle" of a Telecaster (neck + bridge) the ideal (for me) to slamming funk rhythms (the "Sex Machine") at positions 2 & 4 was 3 pickups together. Position 3 does nothing + the middle pickup alone!
The bridge is very effective Dual fulcrum vibrato, which seems a little hard at first but is very clever to use for this hardness is actually a "fixed point" to stay tuned (to some extent) if a rope breaks, allowing to finish the song without too much damage! Very handy for "Dropped D" too.
It takes very good agreement, aided by mechanical blockages to Sperzel and works in 2 directions.
The settings available in the + switch is a volume, bass and treble. The effective!
Upd 18/11/2005: The saddle is not properly adjusted, nothing too serious because the strings are aligned but ... and after changing strings (D'Addario 10/46) he (?) I had to readjust the saddle notch G string, curious ...

Weight: 3.7 kgs.


The handle is very nice, easy to play, too big or too late, ideal perhaps? Anyway I like to play on this guitar, my whole game goes smoothly, pick, pick + fingers, legato, etc.. ..
Access to acute is obviously not a SG or Parker but nothing insurmountable (that's how it's spelled?).
The ergonomics are perfect (like any Strat 'or copy) and weight measured, thus largely bearable even 6 hours straight!
As for her then ... This guitar has a very large range of sounds (like the original) but the switch adds essential sounds for my taste. A beautiful versatility, you can play everything except, perhaps, very heavy metal but I do not care I do not play!


Tested on 4 amps, a Vox AD30VT "Custom" (see my profile), a Peavey Transtube (not bad for that matter), a Bandit 112 and Koch Studiotone II head in a 4 * 12 Marshall Greenback it sounds!
Guitarists that I admire (Henderson, SRV, Johnson ...) all play on this type of instrument and the sound I was looking there, I found with this guitar and so it fits perfectly with my game style, assuming I got one!
All the sonic possibilities suit me even though I have a preference for positions 1, 4 & 5 switch "off" and 2 (or 4) switch "on".
Upd 2007-04-02: A demo here (https://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Gromeul).


I love everything about this guitar, but what seems to me the important thing is + it seems to have a lot of momentum. You can play very fine and "get into it" in the next second and the difference is obvious, a bit like a SRV that is unleashed!
Bought new at a price (which I will not mention the amount) unbeatable (no, not in Germany, France with my favorite dealer), this is a very good deal, leaving far behind the original thanks to its small "+" (vibrato, switch, mechanical ...).
A very good buy.

I have 9 years but I separated reluctantly but certainly I have a "real" Strat 'Fender Custom Shop that disconnects everything in its path, I can not possibly keep this more G & L is nevertheless a very good guitar.