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All user reviews for the Ibanez RG1820X

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 4 reviews )
 3 reviews75 %
 1 user review25 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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Hatsubai's review"Improved 1620X"

Ibanez RG1820X
The 1820X is the evolution of the 1620X that was released before. It features mostly the same specs -- a basswood body, maple neck with rosewood fretboard, 24 frets, 2 humbuckers, 5 way switch, volume knob, tone knob, switch for the piezo and volume knob. However, this time, it also has a tone knob for the piezo which helps add even more versatility to this guitar.


Ibanez guitars are always very sleek in the way they're designed. The lower horn is cut far back to allow for easy access to the higher frets. The All Access Neck Joint makes it so that the neck joint doesn't get in the way when soloing in the higher register, too. The additional tone pot adds some more versatility to this from the previous model.


The 1820X has a very nice sound that you'd expect from most Ibanez guitars made in Japan. The stock pickups are pretty dull sounding, but once you replace them, you're good to go for nearly any style. The piezos on this model are L.R. Baggs, so they sound fuller than certain other piezo brands out there. The tone pot allows you to further shape the guitar tone to your liking. Some people dislike basswood, but I really enjoy it for lead and fusion/progressive tones. It can be a very versatile wood if you know how to utilize it.


The 1820X is probably the model you want to look for if you're looking for an Ibanez with a built in piezo. It's not too hard to find, and it's more versatile than the 1620X. It's also not quite as expensive as some of the other "higher end" piezo models out there like the 2020X and 2120X. However, if you find a nice deal on the aforementioned guitars, you should really jump on them.

jojo74's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG1820X
Guitar made in Japan
24 Jumbo frets
2 Ibanez humbuckers: V8 V7 in neck and bridge
Basswood body
Channel Wizard screwed five rooms (three elements reinforced with maple walnut 2 items)
For the electrical signal: 1 knob volume, 2 tone knob and a 5-way switch
For the piezo signal: 1 knob volume of a double knob EQ 2-band (vertically mounted)
A selector signal electric / piezo 3-position (electric mix, piezo)
An electrical outlet / piezo and piezo output only
Vibrato Ibanez Double Edge Pro LR Baggs piezo
Gotoh Tuners
Galaxy Black Finish


In view of the characteristics is a comprehensive tool that we take in his hands.

On the average weight, adjusting well to the guitar body and it will be appreciated as the bevel where the right arm rest (typical of the series RG).
Like many Ibanez and a fortiori on Ibanez Prestige, the handle is very well studied, fast and comfortable. The grip is immediate, the base of the neck was cut to facilitate access to acute.
Looking more closely at this race, we can see that the pieces in maple (cut in the length of the shaft for strength) are reinforced by other pieces of walnut, including a very hard wood used to support the sleeves acoustic guitars.
There is also a reinforcement block level-strings for a better hold of the agreement.
All this gives a solid handle and reliable.

Vibrato Ibanez Double Edge is licensed under Floyd Rose but has some features like the fact that it is not required to cut the ball ends of strings to install them. Another specific, there is a guide on the side of the base for easy tilt adjustment of the vibrato (very handy!).
The stem of vibrato is extremely easy to assemble, which is quite confusing at first. Just press it into its stand, clip and go :-)
The vibrato is very flexible and pleasant to use, no problem of detuning the guitar once set correctly.
Beware though, on the one hand this system is based on teflon rings to wear out over time and secondly, the stem of vibrato tends to rub on the double knob the piezo tone.

The finish is exemplary for this price range, the veneer of glitter-encrusted body, chrome-plated metal parts, the insignia and markings Ibanez Pearl silver overtones are the most beautiful effect!
Finally, how can we forget the fabulous flight case comes with the guitar, especially designed for the shape of it, including a detailed manual and a kit with all the tools necessary to adjust the guitar and the teflon rings Replacement vibrato.


This is the rub, the microphones installed on the instrument are Ibanez V7 and V8. Microphones that do a good job but certainly in dire need of personality and bite. However, they work well together and offer some versatility with different combinations:
Position 1> Duplicate bridge pickup for metal and rhythmic solos
Position 2> split bridge pickup combined with neck pickup split also ideal for crystal clear sound
Position 3> combination of pickups bridge and neck humbucker, you get a sound "thick" which corresponds to the heavy rhythms and jazz phrasing
Position 4> neck pickup split and connected in parallel (as if each of the micro splits were part of two separate microphones), we obtain a sound "fenderien" that combines roundness and slamming ... not bad for the rhythmic funk
Position 5> double neck pickup, round and warm sound typical of the neck position
In all these cases, the microphones are still very neutral and flat ... the sound would certainly take on another dimension if these pickups were replaced with DiMarzio example.

However, this guitar has a wildcard: the piezo!
This works as a piezo acoustic guitar, it resonates with the vibration of the string and transforms this vibration into an electrical signal. In the end, the piezo produces a sound that approximates that of an electro-acoustic guitar (do not expect either to its authentic sound, a full case does not sound like a hollow box) . It can work alone or in combination with the electrical signal which provides amazing sound possibilities. Everything is customizable, you can use the output of a piezo acoustic amp while using the other output electric / piezo on his usual amp. We can mix the signals at will, playing on the volumes and tones respective electrical signals and piezo. By passing the time, it is not difficult to get the sound you want.


The Ibanez RG-1820X GK guitar is a very well thought out, built with many elements that facilitate the comfort of the guitar and tuning the guitar. It is a model of versatility, with features that allow you to explore a huge range of sounds, thanks to piezo and different combinations of microphones.

High quality materials (lime as the Music Man Petrucci for the body, walnut to strengthen the handle, chrome-plated steel for the vibrato, the mechanical and pots), this guitar has a price / quality ratio is very interesting.
The only thing we regret about this instrument is its lack of sound personality. In order to make the sound less "neutral", a replacement of the microphones is planned: the V8 will be replaced with a DiMarzio Norton and V7 will be replaced with a Dimarzio Paf Joe.
A notice will be written on the rendering of the two microphones in their respective fields ...

whosjej's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez RG1820X
Made in Japan: basswood body, maple neck / walnut, rosewood fingerboard
24 frets, two humbucker (V7 and V8 in IBANEZ) + piezo (two outputs)
locking vibrato (Ibanez)
For magnetic pickups (two doubles): volume, tone
For the piezo: one volume, a two-band EQ (bass / treble)
Mini switch lets you choose between the magnetic pickups, the piezo, or both


The major advantage, I think of it this guitar is its comfort.
Reputation (good or bad) of the handle is well established: large, flat, personally, I love.
The ergonomics of the body suits me well. The only detail some perfectible seems to be the volume knob placed a bit high.
Also note that on my copy, sometimes the stem of the vibrato come rub on top of double the piezo knob EQ (a small craft must be able to fix that)
The set is ridiculously small next to my other shovels


I put part: with this guitar, I play rock hairy, mean by that a bit of everything to Dream Theater Symphony X through metaloche and maiden. I plug the guitar or in my pod (XT), or in a SansAmp GT2 and a marshall (VS100R, yes I know what everyone thinks)
The big problem is, and it will surprise no one, at the ibanez pickups that sound hollow. Clearly, I think it sounds quite "vintage", ascending ugly, that is rather garish. Saturation, that drool all over, it lacks terribly fishing.
So, I have changed to put DiMarzio: an air norton in the neck and a tone zone in bridge. So then of course, things change ... the tone zone saturated sending badly (so much so that I can be a bit lower volume) and air norton, mixed with the piezo-air produces sound warm and, well, almost "crunchy".
(The note focuses on the configuration of origne)


I use it almost daily for 6 months, next to my old companions who follow me now for a bunch of years.
The most comfort, finish, versatility (in the precise register in which I use)
Cons: microphone
Value for money: good and only good, because the replacement of the microphones seems to me essential if we really want to have fun.
This choice I would do without hesitation that it is all a gift: turning 30 is great!

Willoo7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Superb!"

Ibanez RG1820X
- Japan
- 24 frets
- Micro V7 - V8 - Piezo
- Floyd double edge pro
- Volume
- Tonalitbr /> - Volume piezo
- Filter piezo bass and treble
- Slecteur magntique or sound mix (piezo magntique AND at the same time) or piezo
- Two inputs (one normal and one only for the piezo)


Channel trs fine and enjoyable. Access in acute trs is quick and easy.
Guitar lgre. The rglages are simple. We get easily a good sound.

For two entries:
- THE FIRST provides a sound is magntique or magntique / piezo at the same time, or piezo (select the sound with his slecteur magntique / mix / piezo)
- The deuxime provides ONLY PIEZO sound!
Thus, when the sound slecteur magntique / mix / piezo magntique is on, the sound is cut out but the sound with the piezo slecteur or mix of piezo
- You can also connect both inputs at the same time! But this requires two amps. THE FIRST will provide a sound between the first amplifier magntique
and the Second Entry on the piezo sound deuxime amp.
When slecteur magntique is on, only the first amplifier is heard (it has a sound magntique only). When on mix refers to two amps and so the two sounds: magntique and piezo.
When on piezo means only the sound of piezo deuxime amp.


It is versatile and therefore should trs my style (rock).
But even when the sound is plutt aggressive.
I play on H & K Attax 100 with a Boss GT-8.
I have a sound that closely matches the acoustic guitar (piezo pickup which simulates the acoustics, for against, it is a square cell for micro piezo).
As for the diffrence with micro RG 570 or 1570 (V7 micro - S1 - V8) in mid position, we have both V7 and V8 pickups are active at the same time and give a Submitted her most, more powerful and pais in relation to micro S1 alone (RG 570 and 1570).
The only complaint I can do is attack a small lack of microphones.


I have 4 years.
I love its shape, weight, handle end, the color black but a little straw discrte, its piezo pickups that gives you two guitars in one.
His violin is perfect in any dtails!

I tried the Ibanez RG 570 and 1570 are quite similar to the 1820.
I would do well this election, but he also looks like the RG 1520 and 1820 I would like to know the diffrence.