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zeetoon 06/23/2014

Ibanez S540FM : zeetoon's user review

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Made in Japan. I bought this guitar for his neck and quality materials / finishes. It was frowned upon because if the handle is nice, the guitar sounds too "go anywhere".


Very light and fragile ... because falling from his foot (the dog from behind) the head is cracked. H. Valois, luthier in Evreux, I fixed it for 15 years and it has not budged, phew! This is a guitar shredder, I hate it now, but the handle incites! Microphones (USA Ibanez licensed Di Marzio) are correct, but no real character to send heavy, it's good.


If I still listen to metal, I did not want to play, so it does not suit me at all. I also replaced and now figuration on my stand ... I rarely rebuke.


Bought it 22 years ago, I already had a lot of guitars. I liked this easy handle, extraordinary, I hate the look of the head, and this is a typical metal guitar too. Its clear or crunch, it is bland. Not zero, but it is not his "real" character. It was long ago, but a bad choice at the base.