Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist
Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist

SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist, STC-Shaped Guitar from Jackson in the MG series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
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Hatsubai's review"Very thick sounding"

Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist
This Jackson has the following specs:

Mahogany body
Neck-thru mahogany neck with an ebony fretboard and 24 jumbo frets
Unique piranha inlays
EMG pickups
A hard tail bridge
One volume, one tone and a three way switch


I should mention that I'm not a huge fan of hard tail bridges. The angle on these is not something I'm used to as I'm mostly a floyd user. This can cause some issues for me, and those are kinda reflected in this review. The guitar is nice, however. The hardware is decent, but I'd probably replace the tuners and nut with something else. I'm a big fan of locking tuners on hard tail style bridges, and those would probably be my first upgrade. The neck-thru design means that this is super easy to play when it comes to getting to those higher frets. Fretwork was pretty good on this model, and that was a plus. I was able to get some nice action going without fretting out.


The guitar sounds absolutely amazing with the mahogany construction. It is super thick sounding, but the EMGs give it just enough bite to cut through the mix without sounding super thin like some of the other Jacksons might. The EMG 81 in the bridge is super tight, saturated and clear sounding. The bite in the treble allows it to cut through, but the mahogany wood allows it to stay thick without thinning out. The EMG 85 in the neck is super fat, and this allows for those ultra warm lead tones that I love. Legato is crazy easy on these guitars, too.


If you find that the other Jacksons out there are a bit too thin, try this guitar. Its mahogany construction really helps thicken everything up, and the EMGs make this a total metal machine. I don't recommend this guitar for people who play jazz and blues, but I highly doubt those kinds of people would eve consider buying something like this.

tjon901's review"My favorite Jackson"

Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist
The Soloist SLSMG stands out in the Jackson line. The specs to me are perfect for a guitar like this. The specs are a little different that what you would get on most soloist guitars. The guitar has a mahogany body and neck opposed to alder and maple like you would find on normal soloists. The construction is neck through so they did not skimp on the design. It has a compound radius ebony fretboard with small inlays on the edge of the fretboard for a clean look. It has dual EMG pickups. It has an EMG 81 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck a classic combination which I think is better than the 81 and 60 combination. The guitar is a hardtail bridge. Stop the presses. You can have a shred guitar without a tremolo. It has a tune-o-matic style bridge with string through stop tail. With the string through design the strings are going through the same wood that makes up the neck. It has a master volume and master tone with a 3 way pickup selector.


The playability on this guitar is outstanding and I think it is better than an SL1. The ebony fretboard is super smooth and the jumbo frets let you get a super easy action. The compound radius fretboard means your chords at the low end are nice and comfy while your bends and solos at the high end are greasy fast. Without the locking tremolo system you get rock solid tuning stability and it doesnt take all week to change tunings. I like being able to go from E to D or anything else like that on a whim whenever I want. This guitar lets me do this. With the soloist body you can play every fret with ease and no wood is in your way.


This guitar is a beast. With the mahogany body and neck this guitar has a huge sound. Normal soloists with alder bodies will give more of a sharp 80s sound that really cuts. This guitar with its mahogany body really knocks walls down. The EMG's sound great too. I like to put the 85 in the bridge. The 85 gives a bit thicker sound then the 81 so when it is in the bridge position on a guitar like this the tone is crushing. The 81 is not great in the neck position though. With the 81 in the bridge you get your traditional high end 81 sound. It gives nice clarity and bite although it does not sound as huge at the 85 in the bridge. If you want even more crushing tone you can do the 18v mod to the EMG's. With the 18v mod you run the EMG pickups on two 9v batteries instead of just one. This gives you more headroom over all and more clarity. It will make your clean tones sound better too by giving them a more natural organic quality.


I love this guitar. A shred guitar with an ebony fretboard and a hardtail bridge. You do not see that a lot. And it comes from the factory with EMG pickups. Some of the best pickups out there for heavy music. A shred guitar with a mahogany body. Call me a madman but it works great. The EMG's in a mahogany body sound crushing. So if you want a guitar with a huge sound and the best playability on the market the SLSMG Jackson is an awesome option.

Sam(edirien)'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist
MIJ I think. Me good, me these thing I do not care a bit, as the guitar responds when I talk to him, it is nice to play, it supports just about everything, I think it's good.
Originally mounted with HZ, her first owner had mounted 81 and 60, with mechanical self Sperzel block. Hey it's fun, it's what I did ...
No Floyd, I want more of that stuff (oh if it's still funny)


Well yes I use it. Right at the base is cut out for country music, but I initiated the HxC and metal ... Well she makes alternative rock now, and that as a backup (I'm sorry ...)
It is a super nice guitar (I'm not a soloist, but my only tests are facilitated by its handle. Lightweight, plus it flies very well when it is launched ...


"A little cold." You amaze me! 5150, Jackson 81 ... Yeah it's not on the sound of an LP in a JCM800 ... Bah yeah that's not what I bought ...
I like everything. her sound clear, pitcher, sat, not connected ... All I'm saying.


Yet one that will stay with me forever ...

Edit: yeah yeah, that of Kinder_guano whose opinion is lower and more detailed ... If you want to see it dragged on video by typing TMAE or The Mute-Ant Experiment on dailymotion ...

Xav84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist
Purchased on 1 September 2007
Made in Japan
Neck-mahogany, 24 frets, affects bne, head unconventional "Jackson" I n'tais not a fan at beginners, and then do it quickly. Imitation ivory inlay courses throughout the handle and the head, gives him a lot, a lot of class!. Mother of pearl inlays included "piranha teeth."
Mahogany body.
Two active EMG pickups and bridge EMG81 EMG85 neck, NCESS a 9V battery that fits in the back of the guitar (the active EMG EMG-HZ replace since 2004 it seems)
Fixed bridge Jackson "JT390" string-through body.
A volume knob, one tone, a 5-way switch.
Mcaniques Jackson standard, do not seem strong trs (the low E "rsiste" a little of that happens to the F # on the rope, which is not the purpose of it, but I feel that one day she rsistera more tt), I plan to replace them with locking Sprezel ds I have the means.


Jackson had accustomed me sleeves "bread board" that I like particulirement, which is not the case, it is rather flat compared a Les Paul or a Start, but we still m me a beautiful curve rather plump, identical to the US-SL1 MODELS I've experienced.
The rear of the handle is the famous lacquer varnish "satin black" dpolis and trs is enjoyable, even if I m'tais jur not to buy a scratch on varnished the handle (like what ...)
The weight is exceptional, it is all finesse, trslgre, the body makes me think of a woman, be careful not to fall in love (she has the means to make jealous). Profile view when it is on your lap, it's really trs fine, the other profile is a little more pais.
The action is low, it took me half a turn (multiple times) on the rod so that it shall adopt rglage to curl in the bass. The handle silent as I the right rception.
10/46 climbs shortly APRS purchase, I stick on the run effortlessly.

Ngatif point of ergonomics is the location of the volume knob, too prs strings, and I have this default to back up my hand to the bridge when j'accde to acute, and PAN! collision of the little finger with the knob, rather odd for a "SOLOIST" is not it? So I try to keep my hand near the handle, a ct I can be my default thanks russia correct this dtail.

A photo of the rear of the bte to give you an ide of the quality of Access in acute (lonewolf thank you for the photo post on the forum). It is worth a thousand words:

(Note the sticker dor "made in Japan" at the top of the handle, the trs drle l)
8 because of a knob, and then not, a 9 because it really is lgre, and F, f'est well!


Another regret is the impossibility to split the pickups, but hey, we know before a purchase, EMG81-85 and split are not (no change in the electronic does not allow) if you want clear sound knofler the mark, change the pickups or play vote preamp (gain at min, drive 0), a CT is a guitar "mtal" and filled tr s well his office this level.

Is duly sustain, especially in the treble, I wanted a race driver for this reason.

I can not give an opinion on reliable trs sound as I did on a jou 5W amp and my PC via a toneportGX.
But nothing with what I heard, I can say this is by far the best sound I got with a guitar, you pass the cold trs (hardcore) to warm trs ( crunch, blues) control. I redcouvre the joys of solos, and I took a real pleasure to play in the acute precision sound, great sustain.
In short rhythmic or solo, she is versatile.
The Tone knob is trs effective, especially in his clear, trs useful to decrease the heat of the microphones.


This guitar is a monster in a small place, a little jewelry for the price, I think it reaches the level of the quality of US Soloist, level finish is a little below recess, but a lot for your money !

Bne is the key in splendid mine (quelq'un was critically low, adpend may be in luck you have, or year of manufacture)

I always on a Jackson JSX jou-94 before rolling over with my car accidentally (sad ending), I love silent trs, c'tait a guitar "low end" made in India but all the guitars I tested (a good twenty ptetre see, gibson, fender, Vigier, Ibanez, Guild (splendid), Yamaha and so on) I have never contributed that m ' brought my "Cheap Jackson", 4 years ago I invested in an Ibanez RG420 emergency (concerts prvus) on which I never took my foot.

SLSMG with this, I find MA Jackson, and more, I'm over the moon since I bought beautiful object, great sound. In short, if you hsitez yet, go for it!

It happens between Jackson guitars and I something mystical, a kind of "communication" implied that I can not dcrire, and I've never experienced with other instruments. I pray every night for Fender, the new and happy owner of the trademark does not make lint.
Jackson for ever.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist
Made in Japan.
24 frets, active EMG mic from 81 to 85,
Fixed bridge, rope traversing.
1 volume and tone control
NECK and ebony fingerboard!


The neck is super nice, access to acute worthy of a neck-through, that is awesome! ·
it is not very heavy, good égonomie.
and powerful sound and sharp, micro active, normal. Its very rock and metal.


It is suitable for all kinds of metal (I opted melodic metal). I use a marshall 30 th anniversary (100w tube)
for a good sound distortion, volume and tone thoroughly. clean in order to obtain a more jazz or more clean, we must lower the tone, see a little volume, because the pickups are very powerful.
The sounds are excellent rock and metal, from jazz to blues, it should but it is less comfortable.


I use it for 2 weeks.
I love the design, the handle, the buttons. Especially touched, I felt so comfortable on it!
I tried another of washburn jackson and esp. All these brands are good, but this is jackson suited me better.
The ratio q / price is very good. The guitar is expensive (€ 1150 or 1800 CHF)
experience after I remake this choice is the guitar I need!
for more personal opinion, this guitar is the massacre !!!!!

kinder_guano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Jackson SLSMG Super Lightweight Soloist
Jackson Soloist MIJ (Made In Japan what!)

Mahogany neck-24 boxes, mahogany body, affects bne, pearl piranha again (no perloid for once they could afford, given the size of the back!). The wood of the button is nice, but less flattering, less homogne, rgulier as the US MODELS.

Net head edge, edge key crme. Head type SLS (MCA with 3 of each ct), satin black finish, black hardware.

Strings and bridge through-Jackson JT530 (tune o matic), mca Jackson standard, graphite nut, volume (which will soon ...), crachouiller Tone switch blade and 3 positions (I prfre the toggle switches on a config H / H, not ask me why).

Two EMG Hz H3 (raisin bread and liabilities). The mga weak point.
The finish is much better than the rest of the current Japanese production in Jackson (Jackson said that Japan Premire of the beginning of the 90s were competing with the United States). But still the default (including the quality of wood, finish, trs good but not exceptional).

Sacrment sculpt the body is curvaceous, like the Ibanez Sabre. It is really less of mahogany, and less good vibrations has!


The neck is fairly wide and flat, it is trs enjoyable and feels lese IMMEDIATE! The finish is satin apprciable (I do not support gnralement varnish sleeves, the hand remains as glue viii, I sweat of mimine, so what?!?)
It's all lgre, trs good balance, laction is low. CCAA treble is exceptional, one of the benefits of building race driver.

When empty, the sound is balanced and rich trs, a bloody compar sustain my other guitar (mahogany, and neck-through-string, if it is not sound with !!!). It sannonce well!

The thing annoying is the volume knob too close to the microwave bridge, the long, Gnant is more than anything else.


Aeeeeuuuuuh! Tain, the EMG H3, cest really not my thing. Quite noisy, not so good in clean, without tural personality they do not transcend the bte. Well, eyeGO not do the guy's, I doubt men and my team have done aussitt SLSMG dun lil kit EMG undergrowth.
Haaaaaaa, was going much better. Sustain, once the guitar properly RULES (that is - to say better than that jai MODELS dexpo essays) is really audible and enjoyable! She rings the matron!
It has a nice little personality and is versatile enough (well, it has two double non-splittable, do not sound hollow sattendre strat either, eh!). The sound is amazingly warm (and yet I put two EMG 81 in molars). Jai did say amazingly warm, friendly and non-trs, cest not an LP with Alnico II, eh! full of good and low mdiums pchues, there's no wiggle, it sends! Not surprisingly, it will hardly serve as a lead guitar jazz.

In short, with microphones worthy of the name, it MRIT a big fat 8 or a 9. With Hz, the EST 6 / 10 (ouaiche, with its wood and its sustain, it still leaves quite sen, DK2 compare one or DXMG).


ARRF, simple but effective matron! Well, once again, the pickups original post, not the foot EST.
By the way, she had a couple of mods, just to make it even more enjoyable: Sperzel Trimlok MCAS, bridge Tonespro blocking (story not to wallow laction and / or inadvertently linton) and Straplok Dunlop (as on all my guitars).
Again, I think Quil is happening something between us. Not lamour pest, but there is one thing

Added 16/05/2004: Arf, micro EMG 81 neck replaced by 60, and strangely ... it became my main guitar in a few months of use. Simple but Zouli, ultra efficient, ergonomic treats, Yabon!

Jackson Pow

Addition, 24/12/2005: sold a little heart-cons this year, I miss her a little, matron!