STRATOCASTER, STC-Shaped Guitar from Musima.

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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Van Heek07/05/2020

Van Heek's review"Very nice vintage strat"

I bought this a couple months ago on a secondhand sales site in the netherlands for 65 euro . I would rate myself as a beginner player.
The man i bought it from had a couple guitars for sale 2 affinity squires and this lead star guitar.I never heard of it ,did some google and every where i saw only good revieuws so i bought it.When i came home i brought it straight to a luthier who adjusted a upbow,leveld the frets and intonated the guitar.cost me 120 euro but the result is grazy.This guitar sounds very nice and plays great.
It has a hugh brass tremelo block in it that makes the guitar feels heavier then my other guitars.
The tuners hold,and feel good rotating them ,very smooth.The bridge sadels look like they are made from steel,good quality.
The elctronics work good ,i like the five way switch ,you feel it fallung in place when you switch.The guitar makes no humming sound or buzz when i dont play and it is noisless.
I found many puctures online from the.musima lead star guitar and they al seem too have a decal that says Musima 1,2 or 3 on it,this one.just has lead star ,writen on it.I have no idea how to date this guitar on any site online using the serial number.
It has a sticker on the back reading Made in GDR . German Democratic Republic .
Very nice too have a piece of that era and the reason i bought it instead of the affinity squires that were selling almost same price.
Bill Kasper03/29/2017

Bill Kasper's review"Musima Lead Star Stratocaster"

Ok, I now own 2 of these East German beauties! One Blond with a fatter maple neck and one Black with a thin rosewood board, 12'' radius one both. Both guitars sound and play as good as any strat I've owned with low,buzz free action and spot on intonation. The maple neck had very sharp fret ends that needed lots of filing while the rosewood frets were absolutely perfect. Quality control issue maybe? Regardless, these strats have a true vintage vibe. Both have HUGE brass blocks and the tremolos work flawlessly.
Big surprises for me were the pickups which are low output 4k7 or there abouts. They sound percussive and stratty with knopfleresque out of phase cluck and as said by another reviewer, they are pretty quiet for true single coils.
I was prepared to relace the tuneres but, while they aren't as smooth as modern tuners they hold tune just fine so I would rather leave the guitars stock.All the hardware is first rate and all screws are hardened steel, unlike 90% of the Chinese parts today.The RFT Potentiometers are smooth and well tapered and the RFT 5-way switch feels better than an Oak or CRL switch. All in all, with a little TLC and set up these are great strat copieswith solid [maybe 2 piece] wood bodies and great tone!!!!

misslakalach's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Made in GDR Channel 21 frets, 3 single coil pickups strat config, selector 5 pos, all in an exemplary finish after removed (welding, milling cavities and component quality microphones)


Round super nice, mine is painted black like the body. top finish! Easy access to acute .... When the sound, I agree with the opinion that I consulted before purchase (found on the right corner to rid ... 70 euros!!) ... There are the sounds of a flute Hendrix stats with the neck pickup, a bridge pickup that sends a potato with no name! Nothing to say, I'm on the c ° ° °! to have tried Fender U.S. and other Mexican Squier, this Musima Lead Star more!


It is ideally suited to the styles I practice. But this guitar has a potential inoui: clean tones, it is a delight in all and it saturates smoothly with my Vox sustain insane!


To have had a lot of guitars in all styles configured HSS / HH is the one I prefer as its versatility is great. When the value for money, you have a background in Leclerc cart for that price, so if you find one, jump on it! I would do this choice widely and it is probably the nicest surprise of my findings and business for over 20 years!

Life61line's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Amazing"

Made in Russia absolutely RDA.Copie Start.
Flat handle strato typ, 21 frets.
slecteur 5 positions combining the 3 pickups. 1 volume, 2 tone.


The handle is a highway. A leading agrment ordre.Bien best all copies strat t I've ever given a try. Ms. Squier one can get dressed.
The handle is screwed and 4 screw clamps participates certainly raise the sustain is very good.
Small handle that allows you to walk without twisting clown on 2 strings bass.
Serious position, the sound quality and blueseux wish to hell.
In acute Completely crazy so it's good. Harmonics clips pass like whey.
The rest is very good when random image but same.
I get the sounds I want without forcing


And crystalline fat is wonderful and frankly, whether clean or distorted, it is a pleasure.
With Carvin All Tube Combo Crate or is that happiness.


Mine almost 30 years and I do not have spares.
The price / quality is unique.
Ms. 300 euros, knowing what I know of this guitar, I achte pronto.

fuzzstone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" built behind the wall ...."

Lead Star in Musim, manufactured in East Germany before the fall of mur.configuration with SSS and vintage vibrato bridge. 5 position selector

- Round
- Neck + middle
- Neck + bridge
- Bridge + middle
- Bridge

Bolt, mechanical vintage Hood, Fender 60's first head CBS, rosewood fingerboard, 21 frets.
White 3 ply pickguard, one volume, two tones, what a Start!
The original proportions are well respected, no obvious difference with the original.
a detail, however, that it weighs its weight! not far from 4kg I think, certainly heavier than my SG, and hands down!
manufacturing is correct without being well LUXURIOUS on.the varnish is applied, no obvious sag, the handle is quite nice, more than my old strat Japanese owned in the past because flatter than the maple necks I've played .
as they say, everyone's tastes ....


I like the handle of the shovel, comfortable, pleasant to the touch (the patent is skated well on the back), the ergonomics are top (this is a strat again) if there was no that weight a little surprising.
the selector is "accurate", not playing or inadvertent contact any false, the knobs, a little too hard to handle, but it sputters it, and then there, big surprise: ZERO BUZ!
this is the first single coil that I have that does not generate any buzz about right even at volume (volume and gain at mid race and a Master 4 on a JCM 600) to a little over a meter of the amplifier.
The real surprise of this guitar, really, I'll have to open it to see how it's happening under his pickguard ....


I already said in a previous post on a Japanese Start, Fender Stratocaster sound is not my cup of tea is like that, it is unexplainable.
Nevertheless we must admit, to have fun by taking purple haze, a stratovolcano that .. the fact that she has provided at least ais accents that sound like vintage that in the great jimi.
So, no, this German was not the sound of a L series, not even a good strat upscale custom shop, does it sound fenderien I love a good mic some serious trouble, although slamming a microphone acute and intermediate positions that indifference to me .... lol.
vibrato is cool and interesting detail, the microphones have a sacred fishing! to give an idea, they manage to do cruncher Fender Champ 600! those who have played on a field 600 know what I mean .... ;-D
On a blues, rock old school of hard to see the former, this shovel is more than the job, it clears up a great vintage vibe, pleasant to play, sounds very pertinant, one of the very best imitation Stratocaster that I 've owned, no kidding.


I use it for two months, found secondhand for cheap, it is revealed a pleasant surprise. did she point I am not sure that all parts are original, especially the electronics seems very silent ..
Start looking for a proper and did not budget for a Mexican or an honorable highway 1, the Lead Star can reveal what a good for less than affinity, this guitar gives more.

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Musima Lead Star:
Stratocaster replica, made in Germany in the 70s (at least mine)
3 single coils, 5-way switch, 22 frets
Mine is red with a key and maple neck.
The bridge does not stem vibrato, unlike the above. (So flat bridge, but come away)
There is no chamfer at the bottom of the box, which differs from a Stratocaster copy.


Channel pleasant enough.
Access to treble is good.
It is a conventional weight.
The electronics are quite effective, I think.


Guitar very versatile, like a Fender Start.
I've had several guitars including a Fender Start States. (Which I am due to separate)
The Musima sounds like my fender does not rang, more vintage sound, I was very surprised by the quality of this guitar, really!
I do not regret my fender, I find that the same Musima sounds better, I know it's surprising, but it's true.
I leave all original, I play on Rivera BM60.
I've had very bad guitars, even a tube amp, it does not rang.
No microphone to complain about this guitar.


I use it for 4 years and frankly that's happiness.
The only thing I regret is not the bridge tremolo, that's all.
Buy 89 euros in cash converters, a really exellent value for money 10/10.
I do not regret my purchase, that the contrary
Test at the store, I saw and heard the undeniable qualities.