Peavey Thor Predator
Peavey Thor Predator

Thor Predator, STC-Shaped Guitar from Peavey in the Marvel series.

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 4 reviews )
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MGR/Nathan Chamberlad06/26/2002

MGR/Nathan Chamberlad's review"Peavey Predator"

Peavey Thor Predator
I got this guitar from a friend. He paid $30.00 for it because it was pretty much in peices. I got it for free because I know how to fix and set up guitars.

This guitar is the original Predator. It is a solid alder body with the alder finish and black pickguard. So already, it looks very cool. It has a maple neck and fretboard so it is quick and again, great looking. I am not sure if the pickups are original or not but MAN does it sound sweet! It is a 3 single coil pickup array. I normally play a double coil at the bridge but this has all that chunk with a single. The pickups have been previously wax-dipped so there is no microphonics. IT sounds like an SRV Fender. I mean really, I would say that the Predator is one of the best sounding guitars that I own.

Cheap wiring. I have replaced the wiring already. It was an easy job.
The frets could be higher and sharper, but that is my own preference. Other than that, I would buy 100 of these if I could find one that is as old as mine. I recently played a newer one and it sounded no where close to mine.

The construction is solid. It is definately a sturdy guitar and will take a beating. The wiring was cheap.

If you have a chance to buy an old Peavey predator, DO IT! You will be glad you did. I can't get over how inexpensive this guitar is and goes for used, compared to the amazing sound.
I have USA Fenders and 68 EKO's and an 87 Ibanez Jem 77 FP but of all the guitars I have and play, I always choose this one for the performance...

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MGR/B.B 05/26/2002

MGR/B.B 's review"Peavey Predator"

Peavey Thor Predator
I paid $150 US, at the texas outlet.

It is the worlds best kept secret, I rate it as high as a les paul custom.

It's expensive price

This is the mercedes benz of guitars


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MGR/Adam Taylor12/20/2001

MGR/Adam Taylor's review"Peavey Predator"

Peavey Thor Predator
I received this guitar from my uncle about a year ago. I believe that he paid around $200 for it about 6 years ago. Its an older model predator obviosly.

Everything I have learned on guitar has been on this guitar. Its been a great guitar for a beginner like myself. Affordable, yet not cheaply manufactured. It can be aggressive, yet passive, whichever mood the player is in.

It just might be the strings, but when I play, the strings tend to hit the fret bars a lot causing a metallic sound after power chords and what not.

It looks similiar to a Fender Strat with a red body finish, and maple wood fretboard. It really is a good guitar for beginners, or for anyone for that matter.

Bottom Line, this is a great thing to have. I love it, I love playing it. I've had very few problems or dislikes out of this unit. The price is reasonable.

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MGR/Ben Kirkwood12/05/2001

MGR/Ben Kirkwood's review"Peavey Predator"

Peavey Thor Predator
I bought this guitar brand new at my local Peavey dealership. About $250 US.

For the price this guitar is great. Neck is fast and the action is med-low. Guitar is realtively light.around 5 lbs. The guitar has a surprisingly good tone and durability. The pickups are what you would expect on a lower-end guitar. Good, but not the best. Maple neck is nice to play on - quick. I like the sound better than some Fender strats I've played with. Though, it largly depends on the factory.

The only trouble I've had with the guitar is with the toggle switch. The wiring was mediocre and I had to get it repaired. To correct myself, I've also had problems with the pickups (2) falling out of postition. Not knowing enough about repairs at the time I had to take it in to get fixed. It was also hard to find replacement screws for the pickups and had to modify.

Durable guitar, can take a beating. Good construction, except for the wiring (already mentioned).

I've had this guitar for about 8 years. I would definatly buy another if I could find an older make (like mine) for a good price. but I have to convince someone to steal this one first (ha). It's not that amazing, but great for the value and definatley better than any guitar I've played in it's price range $200-400.

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