Squier Showmaster HH Ghost Flames SLE
Squier Showmaster HH Ghost Flames SLE

Showmaster HH Ghost Flames SLE, STC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Showmaster series.

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All user reviews for the Squier Showmaster HH Ghost Flames SLE

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barth111's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Showmaster HH Ghost Flames SLE
Made in China,
It has 24 frets,
The pickups are duplicates of Fender,
Floyd Rose bridge,
Adjusting Bass, Treble, 3 position selector switch,
I have blue with white flame really has a great design ...


The neck is super nice
The access is easy to acute ...
Despite what some may say I do not find really heavy;)
And its forms are eryrthema simpas
Easy to solo ...


It is more appropriate to my style (rock / metal / punk / heavy), Asse ... polivalente
I've changed both micro that made her a criardans treble or too opaque (neck pickup), for a EMG60 (bridge) and Seymour Duncan SH-5 (run), the two gives me a really simpas alchemy.
Without these microphones should not be higher than under the punk or ska (middle anyway) ...


I utlise 5 months ago,
I think it looks really cool and really form simpas!
I tested / hesitated a few guitars (notably an Ibanez RG Prestige 2550) even though the two are somewhat different guitar my choice on this Squier these judgments, for its design but for the price (400th (Squier), 800th (Ibanez ) it's still twice!), then RAPORT money is really good (two micro changed and there was guitar really is awesome) ...
Summarize for the 500th (with microphones occasions) was a guitar which take the road opposite the big ...
I would be back today with the same choice, in 10 years be a little more classic guitar, but for now they look after my night last night I like it: s

nirvana94cobain's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Squier Showmaster HH Ghost Flames SLE
I have black and gray c el a less ridiculous mm of the Geul! 24 box a little heavy ac 2 humbucker and a floyd rose, a slcteur 3 position.


The handle is very enjoyable vraimen was really a touch pa to 2 button dessu (Tone, volume), a bit heavy, c bete k around the plastic itself taking a fau ... movements are able metr k tape!
The floyd rose is orible.ca dsacorde ... everything ... i vo mieu pa touch.


The basis for mtaleu for c ca ca cgnial.Les big distortion makes it really very good! Ass crystal clear sound clean (to the ska it going again!) Here are the two extreme sound well ca ... m from c hard! I jou of punk with the fact ca.


J l depui Kelka me, I really love this k c the conformity of the handle, the cord's blok pa mal util, jl I had much of OCAS pa tt d (170 tt new!) So I refer this choice ! alor kel tt t m j Neuv Found ka roughly 450 euro new c TFWP a bit expensive ...