Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Vigier Excalibur Ultra

Excalibur Ultra, STC-Shaped Guitar from Vigier in the Excalibur series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 5 reviews )
 3 reviews60 %
 2 reviews40 %
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yvanou812's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" most excellent"

Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Made in France
Vigier tremolo (non floyd)
24 frets
Volume / Tone / 5-way switch.
Alder body with beautiful maple table. Maple neck.
Mechanical self-blocks. All these innovations are vigier
(90/10 sleeve, vibrato, freight ... 0)


The handle is exceptional. Feeling of playability and comfort. Not too wide (perfect if you do not have the hands of F. Liszt S. Vai), but not too flat not more. Access to acute nickel.
We may regret in the body without chamfer for the forearm.
The body is smaller than that of a stratum. Very well balanced.


Very versatile guitar with a very specific saturated, even with high levels of boost.
Clearly, one can get very hot sounds like jazz if you will, always with a real presence and dynamics, regardless of the position used.
Overall, it sounds quite modern and clear with good sustain.
But it adapts to all styles, from metal to rock to funk (even if we do not find the sounds typical strat single coils). Not bad also for people who want an ultra comfortable instrument that does almost no tune, which sounds really good and the icing on the cake, very pretty to watch.


I use it for 2 years and it's really my main guitar (I sometimes use as a strat US).
At the time of purchase, I was looking for a modern guitar high-end, and I tried the music man (Luke, Axis) Fender (J. Beck), but I must say that the excalibur m ' convinced. Vigier does not really fly its reputation for quality, intelligence, and tools competing products without problems with high-end guitars produced in the United States for example.
I got it at a good price because they did an operation on some promo models at the time. For this new guitar today, I think it takes about 2800 euros, but the quality and beauty of the instrument warrant that Patrice Vigier prix.Vive!, Original and indispensable to the guitar, because it a true creator.

tanguytare's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Ultra
The post Successives vividly depict the caracertistiques of the beast!



- What about? compared to my Start and my Godin, well there is no contest, the top, at least in my case because like all things we must try before you acquire one feel immediately at ease above may even be a little too much, because being accustomed to the previously mentioned guitar string action being almost flush with the frets, you have to print more effort to do for his son! So an adjustment period that even including the synchro between fingering is shot mediator, I manage to get lost, but it is only a moment to adjust to having.

greater weight of the animal was not the impression of having a guitar in his hands

the access to them is no acute problem.
we obtain sounds very correct, emg are not aliens. All styles can not be represented here mostly jazz, but that's not why we take is kind of instrument.


As to his previous post in light of the opinions being shared, I will give my contribution to potential purchasers
- EMG 85, true to itself precise, clean, excellent sustain
- On her, given the configuration of the microphones it tends to shape, soften the two humbuckers
- EMG 81, born to the potato he does not budge from his notoriety, no specific flawless breath.
I always have a passive pickups on my guitar preceding, I find, however, no clear difference between the two systems, be a little less personal for her emg but none against sero breath sizzling feedback and microphone, which is little found in the passive models


I use it for 1 month
utiise with several other models is the only guitar that I finally feel at ease, acute attack, ergonomic handle, quality and reliability of materials.

The value for money is one little longer justify compared to models with usa usa or says that in reality are manufactured in asia
Vigier guitars not nothing to envy.

I have experience with the first one there, but like any newbie, it was not necessarily the money for it and it's always better to start with a model that is inferior to the first weapon!

jackkkkk's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Ultra
The position of the site before and résumé well. (I speak of default)

it is a Super Start with a round of madness ....

the default:
the back of the body is black! shameful for the price of this skyscraper!


L is the high quality ... it sounds it's egg alone.

Really great stuff.

I think all of pocesseurs Vigier agree on this point l.

see other opinions ..


L is for the Ultra spcial is fitted with EMG pickups and must love these, I sell them so ..... : (

I think instead that the EMG on a Vigier's really hard to sound or ultra modern. But really good for big hard today. The EMG are talking like the boss and I disagree with the opinion .... Previous
The vigier as a scratching trs prcise him flanker of the EMG is becoming a really great prcis. The Excalibur has a single default I think is that it does not! LOL

Sounds a little roots, vintage prcis not too full of characters it's hard to get. I also have a Samick Valley Arts which I am and I admit trs imprssion have his best (for my style ... classic rock 70's, blues, crunch etc ...) mm if the violin has nothing to do.

So I change my pickups for SD Phat act and we'll see. j'espre have some more characters, bluesy, rock, vintage

What you see ......

And I think the day we shoed a excalibur Patrice mahogany (body and neck) with handle al ... The world will change the guitar! Excalibur because it's really the super skyscraper
In addition, a default of origin. micro center!! What is this thing we hear it ... ! Supposedly for playing comfort, it is down to type the micro empcher with the mediator ... anything ... I think.

****************************!!!!!!!!!************* *************
addition APRS change my pickups, explanation:

neck pickup: Phat Cat Seymour
Micro Middle: Seymour cool rails for information is a simple double format
bridge pickup: Phat Cat Seymour

two knobs with push-pull
First: implementation or parallle SERIES coils cool the rails
2nd: two into SERIES Phat cat (and it !!!!! one SG with p90! Test verifies APRS)

Position 1: phat cat neck
Inter 1: phat cat neck + cool rails (or parrallle SERIES)
Central phat cat in two parallle
Inter 2 (phat cat easel or phat cat in SERIES 2) + rails cool (or parrlle SERIES)
Position 2: bridge phat phat cat 2 or cat in SERIES (celon the position of the push-pull n2)

And finally the sound is round and warm sustain always crazy!
I have a classic rock sound I like ... I fleurte with Gibby's and I have a simple type with cool vintage strat cabl parallle rails (I had a dj remark little'59)
This guitar is radically diffrent and I like his dynamic sound, more pais, in a crunch and overdrive is rgal! greasy and heavy. and even the sounds of the strat celon micro config

I put my new 8 microphones (CBLS by DNG)

Vive Seymour Duncan and Vigier


Except for my dception EMG's really a beautiful guitar to try!

sustain, the mouth, comfort a direct sounds really good guitar trs trs.
but I also find it a bit CHRE, I bought a while ago to 2200 and is now almost 2900 .... why this increase Mr VIGIER?? should not arrive in time a policy of Gibson ... ;)

jeddi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Superb guitar made in France, 24 dunlop frets, EMG 85 pickups fitted, SA, 81, high output.
Schaller vibrato is very nice and "end" to handle, personally after 4 years of use it has not aged.
it dipose volume, tone and a 5-way switch
When his sleeve and is maple with a carbon rod, and really it does not move!


This neck is amazing, comfortable, fluid, soft, you feel at ease right away, the flare is just right, it's a true compromise between several races I think, the only downside to my taste, it is the Dunlop frets that wear out quickly, but this little problem was solved because you leave Vigier uses frets more resistant.
Access to acute is the hands down, bend a pest in 24 th box with EMG it kills!
equilibrium level, be it sound or the guitar there is nothing wrong, no default, it is light and fun to play both sitting and standing.
With regard to the sound, there will be full of different opinions, overall, I would say that the sound of the EMG + sound that this guitar offers due to the essence of its wood will sound very clean and this, in my taste a little cold, but clean sound is very clean with very good low in saturated it can go far, personal, on my dual rectify it gives!


This guitar just be versatile enough, if you have a minimum of hardware, I mean by that to use all of its sounds drop the amp transistors, and nothing at all light it so that it is expressed in different style, you can get great clean sound with some delay and reverb and it is not going to let some suites jazz or blues, for the crunch is the same thing, when saturated with the sounds, c ' is possible to operate all the styles, she always answers this for a good metal riff with a very good definition of the agreements.


It is now four years since I have this model but the reason I want to part with it is that I have discovered another type of handle that convientmieux me, what I like least about the negative points it is the frets are small for my taste dunlop), that is why I think it is better suited to handle a type of play legato, sweeping and tapping.
I have tried many different models, Music Man Axis, Ibanez JEM, Lag Arkane, Ibanez RG, Gibson ... but when we try a guitar Vigier we are always impressed with the ease of playing, it differs widely among other brands, the day I bought it, I play an hour and I been conquered.
Finally, it is a great guitar worthy of a fine violin, well maintained nothing moves on this model, 4 years ago this model was worth € 1990, then to its current price no comment!
If I had to make another choice, I takes an eyes closed but with passive pickups.

Pm.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Vigier Excalibur Ultra
Kida ( 2Cidmembre 2C16981.html%) came to me with its splendid Vigier Excalibur Ultra j'mets then a quick opinion (and I saw that there had a request for an opinion, because more)

I dj a lot jou Excalibur Original Nebuleyes and other: Original, Special & Custom, so I know well the Excalibur!
The Ultra is finally an Excalibur Special protective plate without and with EMG.
In addition to what the diffrence dernire this is the position of volume control that is more down that accustoms: ca and I really like because the volume knob just below the micro acute ESG ca me a lot ...

For the Retailer CHARACTERISTICS see site Vigier, note that:
The EMG 81 is turned serious and EMG 85 in acute and not the reverse as often!
A hollow cavity is t the rear of the body to a direct battery ACCS, ncessaire the work of EMG.
The white border on the edge of body and head is not binding but unpainted ond Saddle: absolutely sublime!
Available in Saddle button or rosewood fingerboard.

10/10: manufacturing Franaise tip-top & good matrial, especially Saddle ond


The handle is an Excalibur so very easy to play but that is not Profile Jackson, Ibanez and Music Man is something else, I Whereas as one of the sleeves easier play ... and got some hands.

Ergonomics is a stratum roughly the muzzle to the forearm and less because of the table, stocky, and Access in 24 cases is good despite the lack of heel profile .

The guitar is too lgre without lter

- 1 for the heel that could be even more profile and unmarked mtallique!


That those who peddle gossip like "EMG is that the mtal" go home!
Jazz, blues, funk, rock, mtal all happening on this guitar! For clean sounds just turn down the volume on 81 and it nikel

I t enjoyable surprised by the EMG 81 in neck position which provides precision monstrous! I have a 85 that position on a Vigier Marilyn: see anything (it must be said that the two guitars are diffrent)!
L is hyper prcis for the Les Paul sounds mushy fawn go your way ... or put a 85.
In fact in the 81 and 85 in severe acute allows a perfect balance between the two positions I now understand why Patrice Vigier chose this configuration ... I understand however is the least prsence a simple SA intermdiaire! Position 3 of slecteur combining two doubles, the SA is no point in positron 2 & 4 but not 85 & 81 n'tant splitable rendering is average ... Patrice Vigier reconnat him the same on the forum of his site!

I prcise in passing that the key is a bit more Saddle & prcise snapping a rosewood fingerboard.

- For a couple of simple micro humbuckers non splitables does not take much for the beautiful table Saddle wave!


Tests a twelve o'clock Entire APRS on my usual stuff and more of the Mesa Boogie TriAxis Kida, which has made it possible to hear on two lamps pramplis DIFFERENT!

I have not used the vibrato Vigier 2010 (Wilkinson type but bearing ball) on the one hand it is not my thing and also did not stem Kida!

Frankly I really AIM this guitar except the micro central in both the sound of its presence under my shots picks angry indeed: 24 boxes + 2 humbuckers & 1 single = it remains plenty of room under the strings!

The table Saddle wave, which is found on the head, is absolutely sublime (the photo makes it absolutely did not recognize), the finish is impeccable and the gameplay is that of Excalibur ( the muzzle to the forearm and less)!
Superstrate short style is almost perfect, except the simple micro

Probably the best and most beautiful Vigier Excalibur I play, I want the same without the microphone and with a simple fixed bridge and a floyd and the rate of increase before January 2004, c 'Mr Vigier is possible?

-1 For the price
-1 For the simple micro
A & micro chouilla quibble for heel