ADL 1000
ADL 1000
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All user reviews for the ADL 1000

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 6 reviews )
 5 reviews83 %
 1 user review17 %
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rroland's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Premium Machine"

ADL 1000
Optical tube compressor, largely inspired by the LA-2A Teletronix (it uses the same tubes). The look is very artisanal, average finish, but this is perhaps what gives it its charm.


Super simple setup: two buttons. A compression to the other for the output gain. A little disturbing if you do not know the machine: the first button is the last (output gain). Simplest thing is difficult. No bypass button (injury). on the other hand, it can be read on the large VU meter compression or output level.


The sound quality is there, with a very particular grain, high quality. I compared it directly with the LA-2A: it plays in the same category but it seems to me that the attack on the ADL is a bit faster. It is in soft: you can easily get a big sound, without it seems distorted. I changed the original lamps to replace them with NOS, and easily gains in quality. I use it mainly on the voice, but it can do a lot of things (bass, snare, acoustic guitar ...).


for several months. I have no regrets, except not having bought earlier ...

Gil2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Difficult to pass"

ADL 1000
Everyone sees what we mean by going against note features you!

I do not go 7/10 ...


No comment


Very good for a leveled voice low crush on a snare drum or as parallel compression on drums.


it's been about three years since I used.
I find it a bit expensive for the low setting, but hey what more to LA-2.
And the sound is there.
It is on this is super versatile.
With the experience I would buy a good Stérrrrr ...

proaudioplugins's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Absolutely Fabulous"

ADL 1000
This is a reprint of the famous UREI LA2-A, so tube compressor.


The config is super simple:
- A gain potentiemètre
- A reduction peak potentiommetre

A switch for on / off switch and the meter (position output gain or gain reduction).

At the rear a knob to calibrate the link

You can not go wrong. It's simple and effective.


Then there is the top. Absolutely incredible. Even when the compression is a bottom, it's still music. Otherwise, with a softer compression, the sound of lamps brings this round without losing definition.

It works incredibly well on vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, electric accordion, cymbals, hi-hat.

Short to be used in all recording sessions both at the time of registration that insert at the mix (DAW output type Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic).


For 1 week.
I tried mainly to mix the old mixes I made. This unit is excellent. Choice again without hesitation.

jufar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ADL 1000
See above


Very simply, 4 buttons.


Compressor remarkable.

the sound is vintage, very faithful to the technology of yesteryear.


I had the chance to try this compressor studio in New York and Anthony Demaria meet in person.

this guy is a genius, he has a full line of high-quality products. the ADL-1000 is a good example.

the must is the reproduction of the Fairchild 670 (used at Abbey Road studios for the Beatles and all the others ...)

The Fairchild 670 is now located, and worth more than $ 50 000.

Anthony Demaria copying is still worth 20 000 euros ... but was found by technicians at Abbey Road as a perfect copy.

of high-end products to be discovered.

matt07's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ADL 1000
Opto compressor / limiter mono 2U rack manufactured 100% by hand (ie a collection outdoor finish imperfect but solid and irreproachable quality overall).
2 rglages: "Peak reduction" and "gain". Given the nitre there is the output volume is the compression in dB.
Rponse in frquence: 15 30000 Hz, 40 db gain possible, same for the rduction. Fixed attack and release (automatically adapt).
Lamp Technology (4 lamps: two 12AX7 tubes, a lamp and a lamp 12BH7A 6AQ5A.
The input and output are XLR.


Simple operation, the manual is available on the manufacturer's website (in English).
Formidable efficiency. I finally heard what a true compression (nothing to do with the Plug'ins and compressors that I used before).


A sound die for! Ideal for bass, sax and vocals (basically, on everything I recorded.


A "box of race," by driving a Ferrari is against forcment onreux more than drive a Twingo.

Jakiss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ADL 1000
Vintage tube compressor type
Only two settings: Compression (reduction peak) and output gain
2u Rack


Ultra simple to set. Very effective


The big tube sound!
Formidable voices ...


Reissue of the famous LA-2A compressor, according to experts much better than the reissue Universal Audio. And cheaper ...

Big 70's analog warm sound tube on the legendary voice, bass, drums, etc..

A must!