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Studio compressors user reviews

  • Urei / Jbl LA-4

    Urei / Jbl LA-4 - "Simple, yet efficient"


    I've owned the Silverface and Blackface versions. Their sounds slightly differ: the Silver favors high mids, while the black is richer in the low mids, but it's really, really subtle! What's nice with such pieces of gear is how simple they are: yo…

  • Warm Audio WA76 Limiting Amplifier

    Warm Audio WA76 Limiting Amplifier - "Warm Audio gives me the warm fuzzies"


    I have been using less expensive equipment in my project studio for years now and my recordings have sounded... thin to say the least. I recently found out about Warm Audio WA-76 from my music store sales rep and I was interested to say the least.…

  • Waves L2 UltraMaximizer

    Waves L2 UltraMaximizer - "Very good product"


    This ‘ultramaximizer’ (essentially a look-ahead stereo mastering limiter) is the only digital unit to make the cut. Compression is one of those areas where DSP-based units have traditionally been noticeably inferior to their analogue counterparts. O…

  • dbx 166A

    dbx 166A - "All-purpose compressor"


    Two channels: Gate, VCA compressor, over easy/hard knee, peak limiter. UTILIZATION Very easy to use because it has only the most basic controls, which allows you to find the right setting pretty fast. SOUND QUALITY Fabulous, like the legendary 16…

  • API Audio 527

    API Audio 527 - "My go to compression"


    The API 527 is a 500 series compression/limiter. I love the way it handles the threshold and has great attack and release capabilities via the controls. This unit as a whole has some of the best compression that you will hear in this type of unit th…

  • dbx 166XS

    dbx 166XS - "Suprised me"


    The DBX 166XS is a 2 channel compressor/limiter and gate. It is a rackable unit taking up only 1 rack space and comes in a fresh white color that pops out. Out of all of the DBX products that I have used in the past, I was very surprised on the actua…

  • Art Pro VLA II

    Art Pro VLA II - "It is a must buy at this price!"


    The Art Pro VLA II is affordable and delivers great compression and leveling. It is a rackable unit that will take 2 rack spaces. It has 2 XLR inputs and 2 XLR outputs. There are input threshold, attack, ratio, release, and output controls on it. Th…

  • JDK Audio R22 Compressor

    JDK Audio R22 Compressor - "Vintage style compression"


    The JDK Audio R22 is a great 2 channel vintage style compressor that was purchased at a local music retailer for a great price. I had my eyes on this compressor for a while just didn’t want to fork out the money for it. Then the store was having a we…

  • Universal Audio 1176LN

    Universal Audio 1176LN - "Universal Audio has done it again!"


    The 1176LN is a limiting Class A amp with F.E.T. gain reduction and huge sound! This rack is punchy, clean and loud; it sounds great with some guitars and even bass. You can get some really good sounds using this unit and it will require no effort at…

  • BBE MaxCom

    BBE MaxCom - "Two independent compressors"


    The BBE MaxCom compressor a 2 XLR, 2 ¼ input and 2 XLR, 2 ¼ outputs unit that can be racked. It is also very well made and portable being only about 5 pounds or so. The main decision to go with this compressor came from its side chain abilities becau…