Art Pro VLA II
Art Pro VLA II

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 5 reviews )
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sw80's review"It is a must buy at this price!"

Art Pro VLA II
The Art Pro VLA II is affordable and delivers great compression and leveling. It is a rackable unit that will take 2 rack spaces. It has 2 XLR inputs and 2 XLR outputs. There are input threshold, attack, ratio, release, and output controls on it. This 2 channel rack has a great sound and has worked its way into a main part of my studio. Being that the price was only 300 dollars I had major concerns because I was not sure if it was just going to be a piece of “budget” gear that would sound decent or if it could really work for me. So I decided to purchase it knowing that I could return it within 30 days if I didn’t like it. Immediately I fell in love with it. It is very easy to use and it does a great job of showing the input, outputs, reduction and gains so I can level both sides out easily.


I have only used this in the studio which is where I feel most comfortable with it at, but I have talked to other users that love using it live. Being that we don’t perform live a lot there really is not a need to take it live. But while in the studio there is not 1 negative thing that I can say about it, it has never gave me a single issue!


This rack makes many of our instruments and tracks sound rich and full with minimum effort. I have used it with Bass (electric) a lot and that is probably my favorite way to use it.


The VLA II's sound is just incredible and at this price I do not know why people pass on this or say that it is not very good but it is “cheap”. This unit is very clean and I recommend it to anyone with a studio.

stratosweet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" ART Pro VLA"

Art Pro VLA II
Just look at the card manufacturer on the site.


That compressor, then once we have understood how it works, it only remains to take the measure of the unit.


The sound is well heated, especially for vocals. I use it mostly to mix voice, mono, right on the edge.


For a home studio that meets the price / quality ratio is not bad at all.

orteil's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" but ..."

Art Pro VLA II
everything is said in other reviews and the manufacturer's website. On paper, there is everything you need ...


Is a compressor, so the settings are not really many, but it will take me a while to learn to use it.


I have no comparison in mind. Before VLAI. I used mainly in compressors software Cubase. VLA II is my first stereo compressor hardware.
I use a DBX 160A on my bass and just live, so I have few points here as lair.

Short compared to the soft, compression is much more "musical" (I know it does not mean much, but it is the only adjective that comes to mind), audible but not unpleasant nor exaggerated.

On a full mix, I'm able to what I hoped but it has to come from me and the original mix. On a low C virus, I managed to add lots of distortion and sustain that was lacking a bit behind, interesting.

Big catch on the other hand on a Machinedrum, the attack time is too long, even at the minimum, I always have something that passes without being compressed. So it allows me to add some grain, but I look back either a limiter evening compressor software, and runs very fast for mitigating the problem.


I do not think the evening VLAI excellent stereo compressor tube. I had little time to test and I have no comparison with higher-end gear hardware.donc my opinion is worth what it's worth.

Having said that, in my opinion a good choice to get an idea of what the hardware (as opposed to soft). There is still a je ne sais quoi that makes VLAI more interesting (and believe me, I have long been a staunch defender of emulation plug ins). € 350 is not that expensive (compared to stuff more than 1000 €).

It seems very simple to change the lights to change a little grain (but nothing crazy in my opinion).

There's cheaper, there's more but VLAI is a good compromise. I took him to learn. I hesitated with an RNC and a JOE MEEK, but the price and the reviews on the net made me opt for the VLA. It belongs to some sources on which it works pretty good. I'm going to vote soon, we'll see if he defends well.

Anyway, part of the result depends on the knowledge that we have the equipment and compression techniques, so I learn. If it is concluded, I will spend a day at the high end stuff.


rollandh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Art Pro VLA II
Stereo compressor lamp and optical system combined.
Rackable classical model. Good quality workmanship.


Using simple, attack, release, ratio, input threshold. Gentle compression.
Not really need a manual, yet it is here, in English.
Buttons slightly serrated for better synchronization and precision of stereo sound.
Bypass function a little weird (the bypass not feel like it really), but not very serious.
VU meters to adjust. Well, it is not long as I have.


Used the output of master. Very satisfied. Silent. Value corresponds very well to what I was looking for.
on the other hand I'd much rather set myself the stereo rather than using the link button.
My mix is ​​apparently more respected bcp.


Actually I'm more amazed than expected, this unit sounds really good.
Purchased after countless positive comments on forums speaking, yet I was not super confident. I told myself that I would return it within 7 days.
Think again, the ball of the compressor! Not taken too I think (although I have not tried). However the output of master I am very happy.
Very, very pleased.

Very mild, it removes the digital side and gives a nice color (vintage limit) sound.

The mix still keeps good momentum, after it recently, I would see in use, but for now, considering the price, wow!

ya-lys's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Art Pro VLA II
optical compression + lamp
the amplification stage opamp type 5532 (super cheap but effective) a change if you want something more serious
modification of running on internet and I think for very little you can greatly improve the device
that works very well already
12AT7 tube type lamps ruby ​​(There's more real cheap)
XLR and jack connectors at the rear


simple config / stereo mono DISENGAGEABLE, knob gain, ratio, treshold, attack, release, saw a needle meter and 2 meter LEDs per channel seen
(If with that you can not do so to replace the ear)
all that is what


indeed effective, but as already said, the quality of the input stage and lights can greatly improve the final effect
already works just fine
can compress as subtly as brutally
the breath of the lamp does not really gene and its effect adds a guy that gives the compressor the hot side with the precise optical sound to my tastes more natural than the vca


used to mix, you can spend without any problem
in this type of compression opto / lamp are a lot of great brand reputation UREI type (LA2A) universal audio (610) and other
which does not suffer from cheap components, but the price is 10 to 20 times
therefore report Qualter prices Honourable