TL Audio Fat 1 Stereo Valve Compressor
TL Audio Fat 1 Stereo Valve Compressor

Fat 1 Stereo Valve Compressor, Studio compressor from TL Audio in the Fatman series.

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Hachd 08/23/2004

TL Audio Fat 1 Stereo Valve Compressor : Hachd's user review


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Prampli / compressor lamp, Stereo, featuring a guitar impdance between high or low.
15 preset compression class for each type of intrusion. Manual and preset to make their own SETTING THE compressions.
We regret the half-rack, finally laying it looks great ...
Given an analog meter to see whether the output gain, or gain rduction switchable compressor switch.


The config is super simple you take the preset that goes with what we ve recorded, and then c all. Otherwise, the manual rglage found a treshold, a release, a soft or hard mode, and a relaxation time of fast or slow, an output gain knob compressor. Plus the two knobs of the preamp level input and output.
C is found quickly enough and the sound that we ve.


The quality of sound c TL audio, it sounds, it sounds very fat and round, not like some as too typical but very effective. Really gives the roundness of your recordings, distos guitar, bass, keyboards, guitars too slamming electro, foot, CC. I have yet to test the voice so I do not pe given notice, but otherwise it sounds and it sounds big!


I love the sound it makes my electric guitars, trs a good choice of compressor. TL audio and that price should not hsiter! This gives not the precision of a portion of a compressor or SSL massengurg but the sound is yours to master!
It makes me want to buy the portion of TL Audio EQ. ;-)