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Valley Audio Studio compressors user reviews

  • Valley Audio Dynamite

    Valley Audio Dynamite - moosers's review


    The Valley Audio Dynamite is an analog two channel compressor that has XLR connections in the back and has a pretty basic set up in terms of compressors. It is a rackable piece of gear, and will take up a single rack space unit. UTILIZATION The con…

Translated user reviews
  • Valley Audio 610 Compressor

    Valley Audio 610 Compressor - "Excellent sharp machine."


    Compressor / gate stereo or dual mono VCA amplified by transistor in a 2U rack. XLR inputs and outputs, including entries in Key (or sidechain). Only the entry "VCA In" jack is on and apparently used to control the VCA directly with an expression …

  • Valley Audio Dynamite

    Valley Audio Dynamite - " this is the bomb! (Arf!)"


    it is a compressor / limiter broadcast, so very suitable for radio. connections in jack ... not top ... average overall material quality. UTILIZATION fairly easy to use despite very precisely targeted broadcast options. good .. it is a comp…

  • Valley Audio 730 AD

    Valley Audio 730 AD - blackle's review


    The Valley Audio belongs to the family of digital companders, ie it is a compressor on several modes, an expander, a limiter and a de-esser. It offers compressor mode which baffle anyone, but it also offers two alternative cuts, I think it is useful…

  • Valley Audio 610 Compressor

    Valley Audio 610 Compressor - bb dreamer's review


    610 The valley is a dual mono compressor expander vintage, flagship of the firm's US Valley People, frankly not that great in terms of design but it is against the indoor engine of a Ferrari! XLR connectors with sidechain. UTILIZATION RAS SO…