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Waves Studio compressors user reviews

  • Waves L2 UltraMaximizer

    Waves L2 UltraMaximizer - "Very good product"


    This ‘ultramaximizer’ (essentially a look-ahead stereo mastering limiter) is the only digital unit to make the cut. Compression is one of those areas where DSP-based units have traditionally been noticeably inferior to their analogue counterparts. O…

  • Waves MaxxBCL

    Waves MaxxBCL - "Big Bass"


    The Waves MaxxBCL will enhance your bass tremendously , and the compressor on it is very good as well. This unit is really expensive and I am privileged to have worked with it at the studio. It is a rack able unit but it takes up 2 spaces. It has a P…

  • Waves L2 UltraMaximizer

    Waves L2 UltraMaximizer - moosers's review


    The Waves L2 UltraMaximizer is a hardware version of the ever popular L2 limiting plug-in. The L2 hardware version came before the L2 software plug-in, but is modeled after the L1 plug-in. It's a digital processor that can handle up to 96 K sample …

  • Waves PuigChild 670

    Waves PuigChild 670 - "Compressor version"


    Waves has a package of old school plugins they made after very famous compressors out there. This one is a model of the famous Fairchild 670 compressor that was so famously used throughout recording studios during the whole vinyl era. These compres…

  • Waves L2 UltraMaximizer

    Waves L2 UltraMaximizer - "Powerful and easy to use"


    Along with the L1, the L2 is also one of the more popular adaptive limiters out there. Where as the the L1 adds this neat little bit of character to the mix, I find the L2 to be a little bit more natural sounding. Aside from that, they're really vi…

  • Waves L2 UltraMaximizer

    Waves L2 UltraMaximizer - "Great Limiter Plug-In"


    This plug-in is pretty popular amongst studio owners as well as home studio users. It is a limiter plug-in, similar in style to the hardware that Waves apparantly makes (though I've never encountered that hardware and don't know how it compares.) The…

  • Waves L2 UltraMaximizer

    Waves L2 UltraMaximizer - moosers's review


    I had no trouble installing the Waves Ltd. L2 Ultramaximizer on my machine. It was as straight forward as installing any plug-in that I have. I also had no compatibility issues at all. I never had a need to look at the manual as it is a straightforwa…

Translated user reviews
  • Waves MaxxBCL

    Waves MaxxBCL - " A killer!"


    1) Compressor 2) serious synthesizer 3) limiter editable on the front in a 19 "by 2 units. This is a digital machine with 48 bit precision. It supports analog input jack or XLR Digital XLR (AES), RCA / Optical (SPDIF) UTILIZATION Well…

  • Waves MaxxBCL

    Waves MaxxBCL - " Simple and funky"


    Case: The quality of workmanship is impeccable. The knobs are metal. Rack handles and handy design. Calculation in double precision 48 bit, depending IDR (digital anti-aliasing), 125dB dynamic range ... The top of the digital hardware. Analog inp…

  • Waves MaxxBCL

    Waves MaxxBCL - sterians's review


    See technical details, but it's nice, pro, and the converter inside it's sturdy (very good, I can compare it to my converter RME ADI-2 which is already very very good) . UTILIZATION A 5 year old child could do it. 3 buttons here and there by 4 wh…