K 240 MK II, Studio headphone from AKG in the K 240 series.

All user reviews for the AKG K 240 MK II

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 13 reviews )
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songboy's review

I have been using the AKG K 240 mk ll's for 4 months. What I like most about these headphones is how great they sound. Its truly amazing. I also have a pair of Sony MDR-V700DJ which are also nice headphones, but in comparison, don't perform like the K 240's. The sony's can get muddy towards the bottom end where the akg's stay nice and crisp. Its never a good idea to mix solely with headphones but these guy's will let you do a decent amount of work and not have to tweak too much when listening back through monitors (a handy tool when on the go). The other great thing about these headphones is they are shipped with an extra set of ear pads (the pair that are already on are like a velour, the other is like a soft pleather) and an extra cord (one is a straight cable the other is a spiral cable like a old school phone cord). It is really nice to get these extra options, especially when paying upwards to $200 for a pair of headphones. The only thing I didn't like about these headphones was how "cheap they felt." I say this with some hesitation because at first, I was disappointed (even worried that I had gotten a cheap knock off because I got them off ebay) about how light and thin they felt when compared to the sony's. Its a big difference. But after plugging them in and hearing how great they sounded and using them for hours, I realized that the "lightness" makes them the most comfortable pair of headphones I have ever worn. One more thing I should mention that really pleased me was the ear cup room. Its like your ears are completely surrounded but no pressure is pushing against them. Thats a big bonus because after hours of use with every other headphones I have used, including the Sony's, the parts of my ear that stick out the farthest (the middle area) will get sore.
If you use headphones on a regular basis, you can't afford not to get these. $200 is a lot of money but these were worth every penny. Infact, you might find a pair new on ebay for much less. I got mine in a package deal that, had I payed the street price for the mic and preamp I got, these would have been free. ($500 for a ART Digital Mpa Gold, Shure Sm-57 and these headphones). Check Ebay.

I might even buy another pair down the road just in case.

Oliviercool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Headphones sound a bit pinched"

Well, my Fostex will be difficult to replace, I feel ... That said, once used, it is not bad, this headphone. Waiting to get better at his level, he will do.

I bought this headphone hoping to replace my Fostex T20 RP with their pads are now really out of breath (early November 2014).

The ergonomics level, not see everyday headphones like this. A headband that automatically adapts system of "smooth" ear easy to maintain and in addition interchangeable (a spare pair even comes with) a detachable cable "right" to 3 meters connected via the headphone mini plug -XLR (a lifeline "telephone" 5 meter also comes with); I understand why they like on the radio ^^

This headphone is pretty solid at first sight. Above all, it is light, it is almost forgotten ^^

Sound "clip" a little, especially in the treble, but nothing serious, you get used to.
le reverend03/12/2014

le reverend's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good quality and a good Q / P ratio"

I have for years, bought not too expensive new. A headphone that meets very well his contract, solid, which fits nicely in time, comfortable (important that), good sound quality (important too of course), practical with its cable that may change if, cheap, ... what more?
I can compare it with a Sennheiser HD250 linear 2 that I use on my hi-fi and I have used for (tens of) years, Sennheiser is better for my taste, but AKG is not behind, he holds the comparison very well.
A choice that I recommend for the type of user that I am: sensitive to sound quality, but not a purist, no mixing, real insulation.
For the price (it revolves around hundred euros if I remember correctly), if I lose I live redeemed.

I use this headset mainly to listen to the sound and music on my computer. I happen to also connect my Hi-fi, and also use it when I record parts of skyscrapers at night.
Semi-open headphones, but I find it actually closed or open, and that's fine with me. The build quality is exemplary, it is strong, lightweight and comfortable. It does not take the head in a vise (as opposed to a Sony but I always I stored furniture to stall, and yet it had cost me much pus expensive). The cable is strong, I had to drive dozens of times over my chair with casters, but it holds up well! And if the cable broke, well it turns, it is not life grand?
Practice too, jack choice: small or large jack adapter supplied. With that we are ready.

Solid headphone, well designed, comfortable. The cable is detachable. I have for years, it does not move, neither sounds nor held.

To listen to music on my computer, it's perfect. It seems that neutrality is not perfect, it was not me generations me, I do not mix, at least with this degree of finesse. I found a good reproduction of all frequencies, but perhaps I'm not demanding enough?
Insulation is good fucking, you'd almost closed headphones.

Reiep's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very comfortable headphones"

I needed a headphone to play the guitar at night without waking up the family and neighbors. My main criterion is comfort, I can not bear long headphones in general. This is what attracted me to the AKG, I can wear long without it bothers me. It comes with two different pads for comfort.
The build quality is very good, no worries in 4 years.
I could compare BeyerDynamic including DT880, which seemed more neutral and punchy as the AKG, but I preferred the comfort of the latter, because fortunately the game remains a minority headphone for me. In my opinion, this is indeed a headphone to avoid serious work in the studio.
That said, I've used a few times for very little work and, in particular taking into account the low surplus, it makes good service.
Franck Débine01/06/2012

Franck Débine's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good headphones for listening to sound"

I use the MPC to play on without too much noise.

The headset is comfortable and the sound is not bad. But clearly a lot of bass.

The value for the price is right having paid just under € 100.

wdom's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good headphones but no monitor!"

Comparative in connection with the acquisition of a headphone for the control of Design Studio Monitoring Audio.
headphones tested: Grado SR-80; MHII AKG K-240, Sennheiser HD25-1 II BeyerDynamic DT-880 Pro, Shure SHR 840

Preferred Features: Neutrality; Comfort, Dynamic Capacity, Quality of bass.

Immediately BeyerDynamic DT-880 Pro is a headphone apart; very comfortable with basic audio quality above the average but totally degreased, which makes a headphone in my opinion totally inadequate control monitoring.
The Grado is primarily a headphone monitor unpretentious and yet its outstanding audio qualities allow him to pretend it is clear that the accommodation offered is not suitable for prolonged use and is not intended to be used in noisy environments!
The Sennheiser HD 25 is the saying, a reference in the field. This is the headphone monitoring and uncompromising. Neutral, highly dynamic down really low in the bass but also lack of comfort for prolonged use. I blame him a bit, however, shorten the upper register and a lack of articulation in the bass (A review after running !?)... the + means any damaged parts can easily be replaced!; the lightness 6 -: absent finishes, hardware aspect, price too high, it could have been my choice but 90euros!
The AKG is a serious lack of neutrality to pretend to control bass and lack of cleanliness, but what comfort and what design! ... Having the qualities of this headset will be a top choice for audio use everyday.

I chose to end the Shure SHR 840 which surprised me a lot (like what prejudices !...).
In fact he took the bundle of qualities with Sennheiser, and more: the palm of comfort (it shares with the AKG), a bass that goes well beyond the hairline and in other joint and a wider frequency response in point I am trying to test it by using audiophile and I can not put it in default making it ultimately a versatile headphone, but Is not it just there, the recognition of a very high quality !?... The pros: removable cable!; very well made and finished, comes with spare foams - the -: I'm still looking


gizmo15's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good headphones"

I use it for two weeks, so little time but intensively.

I bought this headphone having previously sought advice on the net on the test sites and forums.

This semi-open headphones is very suitable for extended listening even if after a while your ears heat up a bit.
The sound record is clear, present highs without being overwhelming, mediums as well. The bass does not beat up the ear but are somewhat muted.

This headset is for use primarily on a computer, in fact, I use it with an iPod and high impedance headphones compared to the small headphones that sound, well set up to do not very strong. He is still listening to this asse in transport (metro, train) without disturbing other people.

The price seemed high for a headphone but once the price on his head seems immediately justified as much by the quality of the headphone by the effect on the head. Once the headphone placed on his head, he does not feel what I feel the headphones on my ears without fleet that is embarrassing. The bar remains on the head does not support or very little and therefore is not embarrassing.

The only minor gripe is the positioning of the mini xlr on the right earpiece, if you use it with a coat with a high stick, the rigid part of the decision restricts movement of the head to the left.


Danzicolo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Attention"

Bjr, I use this headset for 1 month and a half.

I have not tried this model av pr purchase, but had a Sennheiser and Koss
much earlier.

What I like most comfort, the look, the sound overall is very good qd see, very good. But ...
I like the least sound, despite the break that improves things a bit: that lack of midrange in the center of the spectrum.
with the tps I do not think it's because the little rédibitoire medium he is damn good

C a shame because despite this the sound has great qualities.
Among other things it is tiring and not specific enough.
And the effect of space, breathing sound is interresting

I do not refer only choice, if I find the opportunity to try several headphones at respective industry.

Qd because he has qualities even in relation to its price, not given

Otherwise, despite this defect can be what I would do choice

PS: c true that low as it has been said previously a second opinion ds qualities despite lack of precision pr qd even me, with ts it will understand why, but I love it.

csorange.123's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" To avoid"

I use it to control a brief registration, since May 2009.
I have not tried the headphones, only followed the data sheet.
The feature I like best is the detachable cable, the risk of breaking
it is low. For the sound quality is poor. Keep it on the head over an hour is painful, however, putting his head in a vise. A redo my choice would be very different. The quality / price is not fair.

fjohn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)


great headphone, I love it. A bit cold at first, his right, but now that I'm used to and he has wandered a bit, it's really a treat and I can not stand my other headphones. Comfortable as possible.

Cable Replacement, Headset spare, when's the same thing in competition?

on the other hand, more attention is now made in Austria but MADE IN CHINA, since 2010.

I suggest you wait a few returns if you do not want to wipe the plaster of relocation made by AKG or turn to other brands.