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  • AKG K 44

    AKG K 44 - "Not worth the buy"


    The AKG K 44 actually came with a microphone that I purchased about 2 years ago. I still own these headphones but do not use them much because I do not feel like they are very good. They feel very cheap and plastic like and the sound quality is avera…

  • AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature

    AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature - "Sell your Beats by Dre headphone"


    I have been using the Quincy Jones signature AKG Q701 headphones for about a year now. You can purchase them in a few different colors. The style of them is what attracted me to them, they have a nice futuristic looking style and I actually think th…

  • AKG K 702

    AKG K 702 - "Loud and hurt my ears"


    I have been using the AKG K 702 off and on for 5 months now and the first thing that stands out to me is how loud they can get. For some reason I feel like they get louder than any other set of headphones that I have used. In the studio we had to kee…

  • AKG K 271 MK II

    AKG K 271 MK II - "Perfect"


    the AKG K 271 MKII were on the higher end of my price range so I was hesitating a lot before I dove in and purchased them. But eventually I fished out the 250 to get them. Originally I was not too happy with the design of them because I just felt lik…

  • AKG K 240 Studio

    AKG K 240 Studio - "Warm sounding"


    The AKG K 240 Studio headphones have been a part of my set up for 2 years now and they are still going strong. I have not had any problems with them from the day that I purchased them and they have been a joy to work with. They are jet black with a g…

  • AKG K 240 Studio

    AKG K 240 Studio - "Great, natural, comfortable, inexpensive"


    AKG K240 Studio headphones, semi open back, detachable cord, very flat response. When I bought these I brought my ipod into Guitar Center. I sat down with 3 pair to pick out my favorite. Among these were Shure SRH44's, Sennheiser HD280s, Audio Techn…

  • AKG K 55

    AKG K 55 - "decent studio phones"


    I've been using the AKG K 55 studio headphones for about two years. These headphones are a favorite of a lot of engineers for monitoring while recording and for checking mixes on. They are built well and have a full sound overall. This being said, th…

  • AKG K 121 STUDIO

    AKG K 121 STUDIO - "great sound"


    The AKG K 121 STUDIO are very comfortable to wear and because of its style (fits around your ear) design, it blocks out a lot of the outside noise (especially when music is playing) and other people can't listen to what you are listening to.in your …

  • AKG K 121 STUDIO

    AKG K 121 STUDIO - "I love them"


    How long have you been using the product? I've been using them for almost two years to do "home studio" recordings. I have tested them with different amps (Luxman, Kenwood, a Line 6 interface, etc...) and I have never been disappointed. Did you …

  • AKG K 55

    AKG K 55 - moosers's review


    The AKG K 55's are a set of studio headphones for uses of all types. I'll just say up front that I'm not a huge fan of these headphones, as they feel cheap and don't have a great sound. AKG apparently agreed as they are no longer making these headp…