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  • AKG K 99

    AKG K 99 - " Although versatile"


    How long you use it? 2 years What is so special that you love the most, least? most: comfortable to wear for the long term, a rather neutral Did you tried many other models before buying it? Not so much How would you rate the quality /…

  • AKG K 702

    AKG K 702 - " A headphone extremely accurate"


    How long you use it? I shared a test "hot", because I just got this headphone, and I must say I am amazed. Did you tried many other models before buying it? In regular use only headphones Sony MDR-7506 closed that fits not quite in the same …

  • AKG K 171 MKII

    AKG K 171 MKII - M.Low's review


    I use this headset for seven months, in my home studio. It serves both to listen to songs, to recording and mix (late at night in order not to interfere with my family). I can say that this is my first headphone "studio quality". He came to replace a…

  • AKG K 44

    AKG K 44 - " Avoid"


    I bought these headphones in addition to what I had, my faith and the only utility that I found is to check that there is sound coming out of where I plug it. The sound reproduction is very poor. Its only merit is its price. The sound is not nice …

  • AKG K 271 MK II

    AKG K 271 MK II - " First skeptical and then seduced super ..."


    How long you use it? I use it for almost 2 years Did you tried many other models before buying it? I had a headphone with Denon, I forgot the ref ... but very good for hifi I kept it ten years (repisse_mais good spectral balance), in recordi…

  • AKG K 171 Studio

    AKG K 171 Studio - " Very good"


    I do not really have a point of comparison with other headphones. It seems fairly straight and analytical. Used for several years. yes small atria, but comfortable. This is a headphone that insulates well glued, that makes you want to liberate…

  • AKG K 240 Monitor

    AKG K 240 Monitor - " Cygnus good"


    I use this headset for several months now, mainly for monitoring the amateur. I look forward to buying other models, K271, DT 770, but I found that one-hand, I jumped on it. This is my first headset monitor, so I lack of benchmarks but for now I a…

  • AKG K 702

    AKG K 702 - " GOOD headphone, BUT NEED RUNNING"


    Hello This headset is great, however, to make sounds with big bass (eg Dnb) I did not really like, actually, made sound too perfect:-P I am separated because in the end, nothing better the good old monitors for the product. ABE …

  • AKG K 99

    AKG K 99 - " Price / quality ratio of crazy"


    I bought this morning at Woodbrass with 42% discount in troubleshooting. I tried to prod in the street mp3 / wav subway and home. So for that price, it's just huge! The headset is comfortable enough, I got all aprem in the ears and no pain. Th…

  • AKG K 270 Studio

    AKG K 270 Studio - " Made his taff '"


    I use it for more than 10 years. I have two other AKG. I tried the Beyerdynamic and different which I do not remember, the low-end supermarket rotten, etc.. I I like most is the linear side, but everything is relative when it comes to headphones:…