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  • AKG K 702

    AKG K 702 - " Super helmet"


    It is self-adjusting and you envloppe many ears (even large as mine = 0). Trop.La not good (the 29/06/2014) I saw at 211 euros on the site so what will of plus.Je have 4 months for the price and more with a 3m cable you can change me think it is wort…

  • AKG K712 Pro

    AKG K712 Pro - " Excellent studio headphones ..."


    I only use it for 2 months, but really convinced by its sound qualities. a bit expensive anyway ... especially for a 702 K with a little more serious ... I use this headset mainly additional control of my speakers to catch and mix in my home stu…

  • AKG K 702

    AKG K 702 - " Highly recommended!"


    AKG K702: Comes in a nice neat presentation box, these headphones AKG K702 monitoring type is open Revelle be a very nice tool for mixing and mastering. Listening, bandwidth seems very friendly, not aggressive or high frequency of large low tiring! I…

  • AKG K 240 MK II

    AKG K 240 MK II - " Good quality and a good Q / P ratio"


    I have for years, bought not too expensive new. A headphone that meets very well his contract, solid, which fits nicely in time, comfortable (important that), good sound quality (important too of course), practical with its cable that may change if, …

  • AKG K 141 Studio

    AKG K 141 Studio - seb_bj's review


    10 years, I love her, comfort and the fact that everything is repairable. after having (no longer) a HD25, which I "killed" the head and ears, physically .... I have no regret my purchase (x2) for this model, I also own a K280 (see my gear) …

  • AKG K 171 MKII

    AKG K 171 MKII - " Very, very good & solid professional headphones"


    I use since November 2013: Its been 3 months, I use it every day. I tried: Roland ... ect A light for travaillier in amateur studio headphones. Thank you & Thank You to AKG & Audiofanzine on. I use this headset for my mixers, my synthesizer…

  • AKG K 271 Studio

    AKG K 271 Studio - " Very good headphones studio"


    New to this lack of tightening. If provided with additional headset, sup cord. Long ... Cord being entièremment demontable He would deserve to squeeze a little more, despite my 62cm round head if not super comfortable Ras, lightweight, an…

  • AKG K 58

    AKG K 58 - " quality and price efficiency"


    to have tried a lot of headphones, that suits me. generally, it is pretty much as the ears of those to whom I lent! So I think it's a good product, solid and reliable, and I recommend it to everyone in monitoring except for situations where a premium…

  • AKG K 171 Studio

    AKG K 171 Studio - " Very good!"


    I use it for 2 years and I keep to mix, I do not want another for a more audiophile listening, I have the K340 which is my reference, but to make music that is K171! Value correct price and yes, I'll buy if necessary! I've had about 2 years. I…

  • AKG K 271 Studio

    AKG K 271 Studio - " too good, why change?"


    I tried full headphones before, had even fallen for sony mdr but had dropped ... since I tried other headphones with friends, they are people who are very good too (little) but why change because in addition to me, super comfortable :) Well, obvio…