AKG K 240 Monitor
AKG K 240 Monitor

K 240 Monitor, Studio headphone from AKG in the K 240 series.

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Will Zégal 03/19/2004

AKG K 240 Monitor : Will Zégal's user review


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- How long have you use it?
A few prs year

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
The +: its enjoyable
The -: is hot!

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
Quite a regular headphones (general public, what). But few good headphones pro.

- How do you report qualitprix?
Difficult to say something new. I pay 50 euros opportunities.

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
O the price I pay, yes.

Comment gnral
Headphones to the sound enjoyable if a little flattering and lacking in high prsence mdium. Sound a little hollow what. Lots of bass, treble trs clear. But the bass is quite bizarre: it is striking, but lack of harmony.
Trs trs enjoyable to listen to music. We hear everything really well, we are immersed in the sound.
A little "warm" stand for a long PERIOD.
Can also be used trs well to work his instrument, his voice prparer of squence, use costs a musician when making ...
Also listen to a track or a mix of for DCEL = increasing problem.
For cons, I'd do him too much confidence to a qualisation rgler effect or because of his ct too flattering.