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sw80 03/03/2013

AKG K 44 : sw80's user review

« Not worth the buy »

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The AKG K 44 actually came with a microphone that I purchased about 2 years ago. I still own these headphones but do not use them much because I do not feel like they are very good. They feel very cheap and plastic like and the sound quality is average at best. The price of them brand new is only around 30 dollars which is not bad for a back up pair of studio headphones but the quality is nowhere near where my Shure headphones are.
The low end in these is not bad at low volumes but when turned up it can get to be very distorted, same thing with the high frequencies. They do not sound bad until the headphones are turned up and then they can get really distorted and that makes them impossible for me to work with. I have used them just as another set of headphones in my home studio in case someone is here and I need an extra pair.
The AKG K 44 headphones are semi closed back, circumaural headphones that come with a 3.5mm stereo adapter. Though they feel cheap and plastic like, they never did break or crack so I guess they are durable. One thing I can say about them is that they are pretty comfortable compared to other headphones that I have used in the past. They felt fine after wearing them for upwards of an hour or more. They didn’t not get uncomfortable around my ears or on the top of my head. They can be adjusted to fit basically any head size but they didn’t come with a carry pouch/case and they do not fold down in any way shape or form so transporting them can be a hassle because they are not very portable at all. I do not recommend purchasing these with so many other headphones that are so much better.