K 171 MKII, Studio headphone from AKG in the K 171 series.

cybertool 05/28/2013

AKG K 171 MKII : cybertool's user review

«  good sound but uncomfortable »

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Value For Money : Excellent
- From 2 to 3 years

- One or two headphones, I do not have references in mind.

- I just purchased a hurry for my studio so I was looking for anything in particular at this time.

the + good audio quality

the - he shakes a little too much is not good for bosser

- Good quality / price ratio

- With experience I would take a broader and comfortable headset because I often very long sessions and I need a headphone that makes love to my ears.

- I use it for the sound recording, mixing, listening leisure, live, studio ...

- The coatings are nice.

- I listen to everything

- It adapts to the size of the head without worries, the system is not bad BUT The shape of headphones is faster ears hurt because too small to completely cover the ear, it quickly becomes uncomfortable if you do not use much it will but if we stay all day with it's unpleasant because the plastic edges based on the cartilage (after a while the foam is no longer a "barrier" because of the pressure) and its hurts.

- The headphone is a very decent quality for personal use, may be less suitable for studio use (I find that a little thicker spiral cables are more responsive and solid, for example)

- Detachable connection

- The main hoop takes some form of strength in my head but it is very light
audio quality still does not move well

- Rather balanced very decent audio quality, no bumps or offensive holes in the frequency range that is pretty cool.

- The noise level is, it is a headphone: no need to push a 20000db unless we like to hurt your hearing ...

- Isolation is average for studio shot that is not the most ideal way of comfort on the ears, it pissed me off to pay for studio session or use to make my battery or chant taken ...