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Behringer Studio headphones user reviews

  • Behringer HPS3000

    Behringer HPS3000 - Drivemad's review


    Bought a week ago, and bad enough ... Let's put the record straight: I'm not a purist's ultimate sound that goes down systematically all behringer products but l. .. There is a confusion of terms, this model of headphone is a model studio ???…

  • Behringer HPM1000

    Behringer HPM1000 - Jamian's review


    I'm using this headphone for 4 months. IT IS the a versatile headphone of a remarkable quality for the price (17 Euros). The spectrum is well covered frquences despite some bumps in the mediums dsagrables quite acute. Its performance is satisfactory …

  • Behringer HPS3000

    Behringer HPS3000 - kQataµ's review


    Okay so no, I disagree entirely given I'm going to make you lower the average. Bought three weeks ago, it's horrible! the headphone listening, we guess the price. the qualitprix is ​​reasonable, therefore, especially rapoort price / price for that …

  • Behringer HPS3000

    Behringer HPS3000 - Daddy Abdel's review


    TRS are good headphones but do not compare to over 200 euro MODELS, because it does not score as 30 euros. It is better than the Sony MDR V300 that people tend to buy more than 50 euros. With a ratio like qualitprix hsiter do take them, even if the c…

  • Behringer HPS3000

    Behringer HPS3000 - nicolas_degorgue's review


    Being on a limited budget, I was looking for a headset for my home studio. Taking advantage of a trip to Paris, I had the opportunity to try these headphones and a semi open brand of headphones. For less than 30 euro, I got a lightweight headset …