Prodipe Pro 580
Prodipe Pro 580

Pro 580, Studio headphone from Prodipe.

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Average Score:2.1( 2.1/5 based on 18 reviews )
 1 user review6 %
 2 reviews11 %
 4 reviews22 %
 3 reviews17 %
 7 reviews39 %

Libertopanik's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" It is a headphone ... what!"

Prodipe Pro 580
At final you've got a headphone, although for the life of every day but forgot if it is for pro use, long or styles or bass is a honor ...

This report is a quality headphone / average price because it is available for most of the time
For use in the long term it is the horror!, The atria takes hot and if you have small ear it hurt for a long use.

Bass are dirt poorly described but you do not have a hair on its quality pro.

It is relatively hard solid plastic, the only thing I changed is the cable because it is very poor quality and not very solid.

it is 2-3 years I Depis owns and change cable nothing, no loss, no breaks, no short gresiments it is solid except the wiring.

it is very versatile for everyday music, rock, pop, funk, etc. variety. when we want to spend a warmer style rap or techno trance or bass is important it is not the best nor the PRO side.

niclio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bad, do not buy"

Prodipe Pro 580
I have not tried other models, I'll change the model.

I just bought a guitar amplifier and at the same time I took this headphone does not interfere with the neighborhood. I had to add volume, the sound quality did not seem good to me over it heats terribly ears. I also tried on the TV and it's the same

It does not have detachable connections for the rest, I can not say anything because wines to buy.

Poor overall balance

philrud's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pro? Said for pigs ..."

Prodipe Pro 580
My headphones: beyer DT770, HD540référence sennheiser, AKG K26p a small sony "in ear" then I listened to the Sennheiser HD201. Frankly breakfast at 20 euros HD201 is nice, never aggressive side of the Pro580. (Without change)

Price / quality ratio = I dare not speak.
Why this headphone is given free upon purchasing another: to sell stocks sleeping and did not sell?
And some (not AF) say it is excellent: no, this is a joke?
Aggressive quality: 90%: prepare the tube seals Dolip kind 'for Prodip'.
In my humble opinion, the concern could come technicos commercial directors, which impose requirements engineers, otherwise there is to worry about whether it is at school ...
Dare call it the Pro '... Do not miss cheek! We paid our head, we take for pigs ready to swallow everything: not Mr Prodipe is not how it works trade ... missed a product, it is known quickly.

I made a small tutorial to improve what can be: it is better to change: we find the bass, treble and mid back. I was even surprised by the bass drops bas.Finalement well, it may not be so bad this headphone, but with the mod, I just propose.Je compare with my Beyer 770 and well he is doing what Pro580, but with the mod ' . because without modification, as sold: 3 times non.Avec modif ', I is 6/10.
I would appreciate the advice of those who have made the change ...

weshman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" aie aie aie"

Prodipe Pro 580
I use it for a few hours, and I got as a gift by purchasing a microphone.
I've tried a few headsets before, also I have a hearing rather fine!
The least:
-The sound, but then Olala! What is this bump in the midrange? It's crazy that it screams! low: it is alright but lacks some precision, the high frequencies: not accurate at all! You listen to more than 10 minutes and you got the impression that you typed in the ear!
-It makes the ears warm, not too comfortable!
-It's a gift! :)
Q / P:
to 49 € this is a scam! € 10 can be good!
If I have € 49 I will save some to buy at least its big brother the pro880.

Ninspade's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bad"

Prodipe Pro 580
I use this headphone for 4 months. It was provided "free" in a bundle. I tried the high end headphones, it is not worth much. On the other hand we hear a sound, it's something. It serves me back while recording instrument models, pending the purchase of a closed headphone worthy of the name.

The finish is cheap, but the sound is lousy at gift horse looks no teeth.

I would not have bought.

matosaure's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Multimedia headset .."

Prodipe Pro 580
Shortly, a gift with monitor speakers to the brand, I have another good AudioTechnica headphone, not the same price, and bah it's clear the same range, the PRO580 can be used for mixing.
Not enough bass, the midrange and treble are screaming, equalization is not recommended routinely for a burst eardrum, especially with the volume, so as is the equilibrium spectrum is not famous, right after rendering stereo is satisfactory (on a headphone rather normal).
Otherwise all seems solid, gold-plated mini jack, but slightly twisted delivery, ahem ... (and this is not transportation), the comfort of the headphone correctly, I mixerai not good with that, but it includes just the right ear.
headphone ok for the money.

Krapod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Avoid"

Prodipe Pro 580
I do not usually write reviews brittle and I tried to find positives in this headphone, but I'm not able. I'm using it more, but I have very bad memories of Pro 580. It hurt my ears, not just houses, but even worse, after an hour of listening to a reasonable volume, I was exhausted, I had headaches. I used to listen to my music and synthesizers. I have no memories at frequencies marked or weakened. After about a year of use, HP began to spit, then a weld broke. I replaced by two models which I am very satisfied: a AKG K240MKII and Superlux HD-681 in extra. The latter, although costing only € 20, well above the 580 Pro.

I also received a gift for the purchase of equipment. To believe that Prodipe can not sell them that way. After another bad experience with a product brand (4i4o MIDI interface), I consider myself Prodipe and it's over.

Zecat's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" very uncomfortable!"

Prodipe Pro 580
I use this headset for about a year. I got a gift with the purchase of equipment. I use it just on my PC Booster "daily" which is not equipped with speakers. I therefore used for listening to music, or listen to recordings of the interview to take notes. So I did not give notice to the neutrality of the headphone seen that this criterion does not consider in my use. However, the headset shows super uncomfortable after a short time of wearing. it hurts the ears overhead because the hard part of the headphone directly supports it. This is a very negative point. Its big brother the 880 Pro, which I use in audio mixing, does not have this drawback. I therefore recommend the purchase of this headphone because of its marked discomfort. Otherwise, it seems pretty solid.
Shala Meka02/16/2012

Shala Meka's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Well for the guitar, at least for the mix"

Prodipe Pro 580
I just bought this headphone as a gift with another purchase.
Regarding comfort, I quite agree with prior reviews.
The build quality seems very decent considering the price.

Its actual level, so it's pretty medium to the mix, it will be a bit light.
For cons, I use it in the ass of a guitar amp simulator and I find the sound better than my other headphone that has a wider range.
It sounds more natural, more invasive and these low acute bee type are somewhat hidden.

correjy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very disappointing"

Prodipe Pro 580
A gift with purchase of Home studio monitoring, it is useful as a complementary headphone for musicians, but it's far from a headphone "pro": Comfort rough (hard on the ears), as "plastic", the connectors jacks do not seem to last very long, the rest of the headphone, either, and the sound is too much (too much) medium.

Avoid it.