Ultrasone PRO 2900
Ultrasone PRO 2900

PRO 2900, Studio headphone from Ultrasone in the PRO series.

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fifours 04/04/2011

Ultrasone PRO 2900 : fifours's user review

«  amazed, amazed! »

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I just got this headphone a high quality of workmanship.

My first impressions are that I have never heard anything so good, everything is there, the rhythm, nervousness, voice, the timbre of instruments, transparency, it almost seems to find a listening on speakers ahead.

His performances are so good that buries headphones like dt880pro, dt990édi2005 who are already good and very famous.
Good must also say that is 400 €, but a dt990édi2005 to 300 € do not hold water, the 100 € more are amply rewarded, incomparable! I'll have to re-mark their Beyer.

Warning pleasure is such that we tend to push the sound from the deaf will provide a very powerful amp later! lol

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