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KRK Studio subwoofers user reviews

  • KRK 10s

    KRK 10s - "A subwoofer worthy of the name"


    It will soon be two years since I got it to complement my KRK RP6 IIs, which lack some lows, for my taste. With a frequency response spanning from 34 - 130 Hz and 113 dB SPL, it allows me to have a better overall precision while, at the same time, re…

  • KRK 12sHO

    KRK 12sHO - "Perfect and Expensive"


    The KRK 12sHO is a sub that I used for the first time a few weeks ago, I love the low pass filter that it has (60hz- 16 Hz Variable) and Left/Right/LFE jack inputs. I have used many other subs before but nothing like this one. Maybe because it is a K…

  • KRK 10s



    It's nice, it's powerful and it makes you tremble. I use it in my studio. It can be connected via XLR or RCA and JACK, I think... In short, it's comprehensive and includes controls to filter the low frequencies, etc ... SOUND UNFORTUNATELY, I H…