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Peavey Subwoofers user reviews

  • Peavey PV 118

    Peavey PV 118 - mooseherman's review


    I've been looking to find a good subwoofer for my band's PA system (which I won't mention, since I'm sort of embarrassed). Basically, we were loud enough, but we didn't have the earth shaking low end we needed. Now we were doing great before we start…

  • Peavey Impulse 1012 Sub

    Peavey Impulse 1012 Sub - "Peavey Impulse 1012 Subwoofer"


    Added a pair to a large installed system for around $400 each. Bought from a local Peavey rep. Peavey has a winner with the Impulse subs. It's basically an Impulse enclosure with no tweeter, just a Black Widow woofer. But what a woofer! It's rated…

Translated user reviews
  • Peavey PRO-SUB

    Peavey PRO-SUB - " Peavey Pro-Sub mk2"


    Pro-sub Mk2 Peavey oreilles.Désolé for aggression, but it is 30 years since I, as an amateur, speakers and my ears are very sensitive to the volume son.Quand bad happens, it buzzes especially if you are passif.Il there is no impact. The installation …

  • Peavey SP 218

    Peavey SP 218 - " Nothing to report."


    I use this box for several months. Coupled to two dual head 15, it does the job properly and reported a more sacred in the lower frequencies. What I like most is the power (1200W RMS), however this box is very compact (2x18 ") It is true that t…

  • Peavey PV 118

    Peavey PV 118 - " Its sounds good!"


    Hello, me I use 4 of his bass for 2 years now on an amp tech DB. hpa 1000 and I had to round up the bass on my speakers (pa box 15), bé frankly for the price its course impeccable, they are quite low and dessendent lot of noise, with the experience I…

  • Peavey QW 118

    Peavey QW 118 - Dj djo's review


    These subs taient coupled with qw4f.Pour more refer to the opinion of qw dj djo 4f.Des low in saturated trsdsagrables.Ils infras.Au end of my third I use besides the number of times they have dj t utiliss by orchestras, I have noticed a dfaillance at…

  • Peavey PV 118

    Peavey PV 118 - moody13's review


    So I just used two subs for Christmas Eve. Of course, I speak only for my configuration.Ca down very low, it tends to "eat" a little midrange and treble, it is necessary to amplify A PART, to be able to resolve the proper niveau.Une Once this is done…

  • Peavey PRO-SUB

    Peavey PRO-SUB - Selecta Biss@'s review


    I used two pros with a good 15 to tens of evenings, and I board was not really convinced by this sub. Top: Light, well finished, all you need at the conection. Cons: Power handling bad enough that HP and flapper in infrastructure, very low molass…