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  • Casio CZ-1

    Casio CZ-1 - "Great if you can get it at a good price"


    The Casio CZ-1 is a 61 key digital synth that can be purchased used for a very affordable price. That is what made me purchase is, I found one online for less than 200 dollars and purchased it immediately. They keys do not feel great though, I have …

  • Casio XW-G1

    Casio XW-G1 - "One of the best from Casio"


    The Casio XW-G1 is a 61 key synth, it is well made and has a futuristic look and finish to it. It has a 13 track sequencer on it and a backlit display. The XW-G1 has 6 oscillators on it, you can use it for gigging or for studio production. Each indiv…

  • Casio DG-20

    Casio DG-20 - "An all around Bad Idea"


    This is probably one of the most ridiculous instruments I've ever encountered in my relatively short lifetime. It's a digital MIDI guitar, made in the 80s (of course). It's basically a guitar synthesizer, and while it has real strings and plays like …

  • Casio CZ-1

    Casio CZ-1 - midcomsys's review


    Casio's ultimate 'Phase Distortion' synth. It offers up the following: 1)5 octave unweighted velocity and aftertouch keyboard. 2)Standard pitchbend and modulation wheels. 3)16 note polyphonic. 4)Chorus effect. 5)8 Part enhanced multitimbral Midi (ful…

  • Casio CZ-1

    Casio CZ-1 - FP User's review


    I wish there were more modulation sources than just the vibrato. The vibrato is very editable and does alot to help fatten things up but an LFO or 2 would have made this a trully killer sound design engine. I love the big lush analog chorus. It can b…

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  • Casio Casiotone 1000P

    Casio Casiotone 1000P - " casio a ton of sweetness ..."


    There's no opinion so I will glue! It seems that this is the first Casio synth sounds that are a little bit soft, a sine wave based. I have not found the year specified output but not new ... 1982 about what I read. I am not an expert in electroni…

  • Casio XW-G1

    Casio XW-G1 - " I love this synth"


    I pass the technical description 2000 waveforms and 6 Oscillators adding more personal samples, PCM Melody there for everyone but geared more tearing or electro house cool and well paced or electro 80's in all cases this is done for the club and DJ'S…

  • Casio DG-20

    Casio DG-20 - " Casio DG20, an endearing instrument"


    Casio DG20 is a synthesizer / controller as playing a guitar: it has 6 strings and 22 frets handle. On each note lies a sensor that sends a MIDI signal. It contains 20 patches, 10 rhythms and a non-editable "Sustain / Reverb" effect in the Casioton…

  • Casio HT3000

    Casio HT3000 - Jay f.'s review


    Casio synthesizer, 5 octaves. Auto Accompaniment. 4 parts: drums / bass / accompaniment / lead. Keyboard splittable into 3 different points. Editing sounds. Backup on an optional memory card. Connection MIDI IN / OUT / THRU The first revie…

  • Casio VZ-1

    Casio VZ-1 - jprintz's review


    Well, we'll not do it again, see below ... UTILIZATION Watch out: the screen is very readable, small print, low contrast, it would just put the bold, it would have been much better. The screen tends to lose its brightness, which again strains t…