Casio user reviews

  • Casio Casiotone CT-410V

    Casio Casiotone CT-410V - "Holy Grail of the 80s Casiotones"


    Extremely rare keyboard, much harder to find than its little brother the MT-400v (with mini keys + detachable speakers). Was lucky to pick one up locally for a decent price. Wow I´m blown away by how good this thing sounds!!! It´s alive, organic…

  • Casio PT-30

    Casio PT-30 - "Mainly a great songwriting tool."


    Every review I see of the Casio PT30 (including the ones on this site) seem to miss the point of this brilliant little instrument. It was mainly marketed at the time as an aid to songwriting. This is because you can input (or "record") a melody into …

  • Casio CT-700

    Casio CT-700 - "I own the Casio CT-700 61 key keyboard"


    I have a Casio CT-700 61 key keyboard. I enjoy playing this keyboard and fun to play on. The only drawback is that it has a 12 note polyphony in which the note drop out when I use the sustain pedal. It has 99 rhythms, and 99 instrumental sounds. The…

  • Casio Casiotone CT-101

    Casio Casiotone CT-101 - "Anny"


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  • Casio WK-7500

    Casio WK-7500 - "Nice instrument"


    I`ve played the Casio WK-7500 in a music store a while back. It can really imitate the draw bars on a Hammond organ. And they have all kinds of instrumental sounds to it, and a transpose button when your not use to playing in a different key. The onl…

  • Casio XW-P1

    Casio XW-P1 - "The synthesis in your hands"


    This is an instrument that works as synthesizer, organ and rompler, but the highlight is the synthesizer mode. I use it as synthesizer only, just to mention. And I think there's no easier way to edit sounds in real time than the one found on this ins…

  • Casio WK-3000

    Casio WK-3000 - "Bought from ebay for £55"


    Great DSP Good pianos, even better is the software supplied by casio to make your own using velocity curves and have made a killer vc switched m1 piano. Can import rythms from Roland and yamaha using third party software. Importing wav files u…

  • Casio CT-670

    Casio CT-670 - "Decent home keyboard from 1992 , maybe the best Casio CT of that era "


    this used to be a friend first keyboard, and what a keyboard! its from 1992 more or less... no sensitivity but 5 octaves, nice variety of sounds/tone, which can be modified with a mini pseudo synth-section , also a pitch bend wheel, pretty …

  • Casio MT-540

    Casio MT-540 - "some nice tones, atmospheric samples section and midi make it somewhat interesting"


    5 octave , mid keys 20 tones , 20 rhythms there are some pretty usable tones here and the MIDI is one of this keyboards highlights. the tones can also be combined in dual mode (210 combinations) there is also a sound effects section, whi…

  • Casio MT-45

    Casio MT-45 - "Cheesy / analogue sounding classic"


    This is one of the older Casio MTs, probably from 1981, with few sounds and rhythms (8+8) like all mid-size-key casios of the era. Despite this fact , there is vibrato and sustain, and an awesome retro-sounding appregiator (lacking in most MTs) and a…